Date of Birth: 30th July 1984

Where do you live? Qormi

Status: Single

Star Sign: Leo

Main occupation: Teacher of English Language & Literature

Media-related occupation: Actor, Writer & Director

CLIVE PISCOPO was trained by tutors of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford. He is a Maltese actor, writer and director. Graduating with an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Theory, Clive has been teaching in a secondary school for the past ten years and occasionally gives lectures and workshops at university and other places. He is also one of the directors and tutor at Freespirit Acting Drama School.

With more than ten productions at Teatru Manoel under his belt, Clive also plays Dr Mark Laferla in TVM’s Ħbieb u Għedewwa by Rewind Productions and is preparing for some very interesting work in theatre very, very soon.

His writing includes the acclaimed ANĠLI: Kapitlu Ġdid (TVM) by Watermelon Media. Clive has co-written and directed Dar Darun as well as directed It-Tfajjel ta’ fuq il-Bandla by Andre’ Mangion and Inverżjoni by Stefan Magri, two plays that eventually won the Social Theatre Festival at the Drama Centre for two consecutive years.

Tell us about your journey to become an actor.

Quite an accident really. In the sense that it was never planned. An actor wasn’t something I wanted to be when I was young. True, I was always into all sorts of storytelling, but when it comes to theatre, I think it was only when I was mesmerised by an amateur Christmas play held at the Qormi Museum branch, that something inside me sparked. I was ten years old, but I still remember how enchanted I was by the fact that a number of familiar faces had transformed into these characters in front of me. This led me to eventually take a more active part in these plays in my teenage years.

It was mainly after Joe Friggieri cast me in one of his plays that I actually started to take acting seriously. The cast comprised some of Malta’s best talent and sharing the stage with them at Teatru Manoel marked me significantly. It hit me: this was something I REALLY wanted to do. And I have never looked back. I took my training very seriously and eventually won a scholarship which also enabled me to be trained by tutors of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Can you describe your state of mind when acting?

Ha ha! Tough question! I am almost scared of speaking too much about it in case it goes away. I can’t put it down in words. It’s an adrenaline rush, like fire and ice at the same time. A burning desire to portray something or someone as truthfully as possible, a total immersion under someone else’s skin whilst remaining technically in control.

What do you consider to be the essentials in your life?

To be surrounded by family and a few honest friends, health and peace of mind. And to continue loving what I do. Anything else is an added bonus.

What role does technology play in your life?

I’m not the gadgety kind of person and I’m probably the last one to know about the latest apps or advances in technology! However, I do appreciate how technology has given me more access to what’s going on in the world and theatre, how you can easily Google something you don’t know or follow something at your convenience. And seeing that I spend a lot of time writing, I do appreciate that I wasn’t born in the typewriter era!

Is fashion an important part of your life, and why?

If fashion means having my own style and feeling comfortable in my choice of clothes, then it is. I’m not very interested in following trends.

Do you collect anything?