The fourth edition of the My Europe Film Festival is being co-organised by Euro Media Forum, Citizens of Europe and the European Commission Representation in Malta, and will be held on the 14th and 15th July at Europe House in Valletta at 7pm. Different people with a diversity of perspectives are observing Europe as we know it today. Many hold different images, thoughts, ideals, critiques and opinions on what Europe means to them. Themes which reflect the philosophy of a Europe with borders are brought forward by the My Europe Short Film Festival. The screenings of these cinematic works are an opportunity to exchange, share and inspire. They will also challenge identities and cultures, as My Europe takes its audience on a journey, an experience and a cross-over through European dimensions, where there is a better understanding of people who hail from different backgrounds.

The film contest breeds discussion on the array of views on Europe and it raises awareness of the powerful medium that are short films, which convey messages on a spread European level. By promoting short films beyond their home country, professionals in the film industry can network with the art house cinema sector, whilst providing a platform for short film distribution from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Two film theme programmes shall be presented at the festival. Living in Europe tells stories of how people from different cultures and traditions form society, and will be shown on the 14th July. On the 15th July, the second programme, Politics and Policies, will make a statement about borders, conflicts and diplomacy, decisions, consequences, confrontations and compromises.

The audience will be given the opportunity to vote for the top film, which will receive the Audience Award at the award ceremony held in Berlin. Entrance is free on both festival nights. All films will have English subtitles and the Europe House screening hall is fully air conditioned.

For bookings, please email or text 99454066. You may also visit the official Euro Media Forum website.

Local Maltese filmmakers are encouraged to submit their own short films for the next edition of My Europe Short Film Festival. For more information, contact

This event has been brought to you through the collaboration of the European Commission Representation in Malta, the European Year For Development 2015, Ewropa Kreattiva, Citizens of Europe and CICAE – The International Confederation of Art Cinemas.