Whether you want to admit it or not, a person’s desires, wants, needs and moods, not to mention their physiology, start to change as they leave the last semblance of puberty behind. You might feel sorry about this and try to grasp at your now far-away teenage years with the tips of your fingers. Or, you might actually feel relieved, chilled and happy to leave those frenetic low self-esteem panic-induced attacks behind you. You might actually consciously revel in how laid back you’ve become, and just enjoy it.

Be that as it may, changes are always somewhat surprising, especially when you take the time to look back and realise how strange your life as a late-20-something year old would have seemed to your 18-year old self. Here are some points I was thinking about last Sunday morning while, relaxed and totally sober (yes – on a Sunday morning), I was cooking a time-consuming but delicious Shepherd’s pie, and actually enjoying the process.

You no longer feel sad, depressed and left out when you do not have any plans for Friday evening. Actually, you find yourself looking forward to just putting your tired feet up on the sofa, ordering a pizza and watching a cheesy horror movie with a friend or significant other. After a hectic week of work, chores and frenzied mind-boggling cartwheels in between everything (metaphorically speaking, of course), couch potato-ing is the best Friday night you can imagine.



You are actually looking forward to doing a particular house chore or errand which you didn’t have time for all week long. It makes you feel fulfilled and productive, so much so that the weekend would actually feel ‘wasted’ if you didn’t really do something concrete instead of just ‘lounging about’ for two days.

If a friend messages you to meet up with them ‘right now’ at 10pm, you don’t jump at the opportunity and slide into a little black dress in a second. On the contrary, you most probably end up looking at your PJs, looking at your mobile phone, shaking your head and muttering ‘not bloody likely’ at the insolent last-minute pinheads. After all, if someone wants to meet up with you, they ask you if you are available at least a day before, and not expect you to be at their beck and call at the last minute!

Instead of going to a new club just because you heard that it’s ‘always jam-packed’ with the hottest crowd, you prefer to find an alternative trendy hippie-style quiet bar where you not only meet up with your friends, but can actually hear them speak.



Instead of centring on hot guys, new clothes and moans about your mother, your conversation with your friends tends to focus more on your car loan, your anti-acid pills and your trade union. And that’s fine.

Your hangovers are markedly worse. MUCH worse, even though you don’t remember drinking more quantities of alcohol than what you were drinking five years ago. It’s gotten so bad that you only really happily feel like you can get drunk when you know that you have nothing serious planned for the next morning. Otherwise you’ll just drink vodka orange.

You are genuinely proud of yourself when you realise that you haven’t hooked up with someone ‘just because you were drunk’ for ages. No more uncomfortable text messages trying to explain why you don’t really want to meet up again, or ‘day-after’ photos of some stranger pawing all over you on Facebook.

You are actually waking up in the mornings! Yes, before midday! You realise that while you had been asleep – queasy, hung-over and with smeared make-up all over your bed-sheets – other people were up and about in the sun, living their life and doing things! And actually, now you are one of them too!

Has your weekend routine changed ever since you hit your mid to late 20s?

Do you miss the ‘old days’?