A ballet spectacular featuring Prokofiev’s famous ballet of Romeo and Juliet will be presented by the Malta Art Events on Friday 24th July at Archbishop Square, Mdina at 8pm. The cast consists of star members of the much acclaimed Bavarian State Ballet of Munich and the renowned National Theatre of Prague. This event is supported by Frank Salt Real Estate.



In 1936, Sergei Prokofiev (1891 – 1953) composed what became his most famous ballet. A revision of it in 1940 became the most commonly performed version and is considered to be one of the greatest ballets of the 20th century, with Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy as its foundation. The Capulets (or Capuleti) and the Montagues (or Montecchi) are two feuding families in Verona. The beautiful Juliet Capulet falls in love with Romeo Montague, the son of her family’s deadliest enemies. Yet, love conquers all as they devise a secret marriage. However, owing to a chain of unfortunate mishaps, they are separated. Unknown to Romeo, Juliet consumes a strong sleeping draught which simulates death. Romeo returns to Verona from Mantua. When he receives the news of Juliet’s supposed death, he kills himself by her body. Upon waking up moments later, Juliet also kills herself when she realises that Romeo is no more.

Whether on stage or screen, this tragic story has never ceased to move audiences all over the world. Many famous choreographers have adapted the story, composing revolutionary productions. Bellini and Gounod had written operas based on the story, and Tchaikovsky used it as a foundation for one of his most famous works. Famous film directors such as Franco Zeffirelli won acclaim with his screen version, and Leonard Bernstein composed his modern day version of the tale in West Side Story.



Our old capital city, Mdina, provides a unique backdrop for an enchanting evening of ballet under the stars. The space has been made available, courtesy of the Mdina Local Council, with special thanks to Mayor Peter Sant Manduca. Malta Art Events has followed the tradition of bringing high quality performances of classical music and opera events, as well as ballet and lighter music, to local audiences since 2011.

Tickets start from €25 and can be bought online from, with a limited number of special discounts for children under 12. You may also call 77017423.

For further information, email or visit the official Romeo and Juliet Ballet website.