Date of Birth: 4th July, 1994

Where do you live? Birżebbuga

Status: Single

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Full-time student

Media-related occupation: Actor

JAKE DARMANIN started acting in the local television drama Simpatiċi when he was about five. He had to go through a mini audition even at such a young age. “I have a faint recollection of how that played out. Then I got the part of Karl on Simpatiċi which has stayed with me until this very day. Apart from Simpatiċi, I took part in school plays, as well as an improvised University play,” explained JAKE DARMANIN in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.


How did you first discover you had a talent for acting?

I can’t say for sure. I think it was more of a gradual increase in interest in acting from a very young age.

What are your major causes of stress?

Procrastination – I usually delay studying and other commitments until the eleventh hour. However, I think stress is the main impetus for me to commit to matters and I especially enjoy finishing the aforementioned when the time is ticking, strangely enough.

Can you describe your state of mind when acting?

In most cases, I am quite tense and focused so as to make sure that I remember my lines. In any case, though, it is definitely a release from all the other commitments that I have. It’s always fun to play the part of an extremely annoying son who is almost the complete opposite of who I am in reality.

In your opinion, what is wrong with the world today?

There are many problems with the world. It’s impossible to narrow them down to just one, but I think many problems emanate from a strong disregard of a difference in opinions, and there is definitely a serious lack of tolerance.

What is it that you would never dream to be?

Someone who doesn’t fight for what is right.

What would you do if you were a magician?

If the magician could possess any superpower, then I’d choose mind reading.