Corporate etiquette and protocol training company Finesse Consulta recently held a dynamic workshop for the young creatives at Studio 18.

The workshop focused on interview and business etiquette, and gave students real-world training on the correct techniques to use when being interviewed for a job, as well as insight into general business etiquette.

“While our education system prepares students for the academic world, there is very little training for young people entering the world of work,” says etiquette and protocol consultant Jo Caruana, the director of Finesse Consulta. “As a result, we collaborated with Studio 18 – which is a youth organisation for creativity – to develop students’ understanding of what is expected from the modern workplace.”

The students, who are aged between 16 and 24, were given the opportunity to work with Ms Caruana on the techniques for making a great first impression, interview skills, appropriate work wear, CV writing, personal branding and corporate behaviour.

Speaking after the session, 18-year-old Studio 18 student Daniel Bonello said: “In this day and age, etiquette is often considered an archaic practice, however Ms Caruana clearly proved that this is not the case. We learnt that etiquette is a tool that can be used to astutely further one’s own agenda and effectively construct a personal brand.


Image: Studio 18 students with etiquette consultant Jo Caruana


“I now believe corporate etiquette training to be imperative for anyone who means business, whether on a professional, social, or even personal level. By pointing out what to observe and how one should act and react, Ms Caruana has shed much light on this topic. This session will certainly go a long way in aiding me and my peers to develop our skills as we move into the corporate world.”

Finesse Consulta offers a range of courses for young people and professionals, as well as protocol consultancy for high-calibre events and VIPs. Services include customer care training, business communication, corporate media management, cross-cultural communication, protocol training for business and government entities, public speaking training, interview training, social etiquette coaching, and speech writing.



“The corporate world is increasingly competitive and it is so important for people to know the conventions that will enable them to make a fantastic first impression, as well as create a positive lasting brand,” continues Ms Caruana. “Our training gives students, professionals and companies the skills to do exactly that, so that they can stand out among their competitors for all the right reasons. We look forward to working with other companies and organisations on the topic,” she adds.

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