A word of sexual wisdom to all the women out there. Start taking. Not giving. Not letting.

Start taking now.

Being a native Russian, I’ve always wondered about a typical Russian expression which literally translates to ‘give him’, which is a subtle way of telling us to ‘give him sex’ or ‘let him have sex’. It’s rather strange that by the age of 31, I had never understood what on earth this is supposed to mean.

Various types of sexual trades have been going on in relationships since Adam and Eve’s time, but let’s be sincere with ourselves as if no one is listening…

Is it that gratifying? And where does your pleasure come in? If you had the ultimate choice, wouldn’t you prefer to take the pleasure you deserve from your partner?

Now take a deep breath and clear your mind of any inhibitions, as I may be about to drop a bombshell on your world order. Who knows, perhaps we might even start a small sensual revolution of our own.

Stop giving it. Stop letting him.

Search for desires within you. You know they’re there, and you have inches of pleasure within your reach. There is a man at the end of that dick. Not to mention that that dick comes in a natural shape and colour and has a couple of amazing throbbing and self-lubricating functions. The real deal, ladies… Provided that you use it for yourselves.

But what about his pleasure? you may ask. And here comes the second bombshell that will tear your mind apart and destroy every single doctrine that was imposed on you by your loving mother. I am no mother of yours, so I apologise in advance if it comes as a total shock to you but… this is exactly the type of sex that practically any normal man would want – sex that pleases YOU!

I can hardly even begin to imagine a man who would refuse a fully indulging lover guiding him through her body and senses, and as a result of HIS actions, showing him her TRUE pleasure. Virtually any man would feel like a sex god if he heard the words ‘please keep going!’ Of course he would! HE is the reason you are losing your mind.

So how do we get the best sex ever? It’s quite easy, really. Do what makes you feel good and let him give it to you!

That’s it. It’s that simple. Enjoy yourself and indulge. Do not give blow jobs. Now, this is another one I’ve never understood. We TAKE him in our mouths. What exactly is there to give?

Unfold his body, that in most cases is bigger and stronger than yours, and turn it into a trembling shaking moaning mess that collapses to the floor in a pile of drained limbs.

And when you take this simple and logical approach to sex, you can have truly steamy action in the bedroom, or indeed outside of it.