While the warm rays of sunshine during our scorching summer helps our skin form Vitamin D, UV rays and the sun’s general intensity can be harmful to our hair and scalp. Prolonged exposure to the sun triggers split ends and disintegrates the protein structure of the hair cuticle. It also extracts extracts moisture from your locks, rendering your hair weaker.

However, this shouldn’t hinder us from enjoying days at the beach, especially if we opt to use fantastic products such as PostQuam‘s Specific Shampoo and Defence Spray for the protection of our tresses.

PostQuam’s Specific Shampoo Hydro Sun Defence is designed to protect hair from sun exposure. It nourishes and moisturises the scalp and ends areas, leaving shiny, soft and smooth results. The key is to allow the product to rest for a few minutes after applying it to wet hair, before rinsing it out. This allows for the products ingredients to coat themselves to the hair cuticles, giving full protection when they are exposed to UV light.

This effective product works hand in hand with PostQuam’s Instant Sun Defence Spray. This lotion leaves your hair oozing with a beautiful watermelon fragrance and contains sun screen and moisturising agents. It soften and hydrates hair, and can be applied to both dry and wet hair from the roots to the ends as many times necessary throughout the day.

This dynamic duo will keep your tresses shiny and silky through the summer with their excellent formulae.

These products are available at Beauty Centre Malta. For further information, call 21820112 or visit the official Beauty Centre Facebook page.