So you’re a guy who considers himself to be a great lover. Sure, who doesn’t?

Do yourself a favour… No, don’t look at yourself in the mirror. I don’t care how you look, who you are, what you do for a living or how much it pays you. All I care about is whether you have the time to listen to what probably millions of women out there would love to tell you, but can’t.

If you go onto the prairies of the internet and scan through a couple of feminist sex blogs, some of those articles might leave you rather gobsmacked. I came across one of them the other day. Its author claims that many women feel that a vibrator satisfies them a hundred times better than a man and that the moans and screams they produce in bed are nothing short of a staged performance. Rather shocking, is it not?

So how do you make sure your woman will never ever resort to this, not even in your worst nightmares? It’s rather easy, I would say. Here are some simple facts for you. You may thank me later.

Fact 1: Intercourse happens INSIDE a woman’s body. Please hold on tight and let me explain what that actually means. That means that she trusts you and ACCEPTS you inside her body, at the very core of her vulnerability. Have you ever questioned yourself about the womb and its exact sensitivity? Imagine if your balls were not covered with skin… That’s it, more or less. Whether you’ve thought about it or not, the womb is an internal organ. Now, when you penetrate her, you reach in all the way. So what do you want to give her – pain, pleasure or discomfort?

Fact 2: A woman is ready when SHE says she’s ready, not when you think she’s ready. Intercourse without full vaginal arousal is definitely physically possible, but is absolutely unpleasant. So your task is to bring her to the state of “I want it and I want it NOW”.

Fact 3: The action of pleasure should be directed towards your woman. Yes, you heard it right. There can’t be any form of sex that can be classified as good unless mutual desires are satisfied. I’m not telling you to do what doesn’t also feel good for you. But once you agree on the type of action, it has to be at a pace and strength which she dictates, otherwise it is doomed to a lack of pleasure or even pain.

So do you want to continue taking, or to start giving? What do you want to see at the end of your dick – a silent indifferent log or a quivering groaning tigress? And who do you want to be – a weak temporary substitute for her high-tech vibe, or her personal sex-god? The choice is yours.