Nothing is more comforting than the warm hug of sunshine enveloping us on a great day at the beach. However, we must always be on high alert, as that hug that can be quite harmful to our skin and overall health if overexposed to it. This is why it is now common knowledge that regularly applying sunscreen is an absolute must when spending time in the sun. It is highly recommended that you carry a top-quality brand of sunscreen with you throughout the day, such as Froïka’s SunCare Range.

Offering a choice of SPF20, 30 and 50 in cream, spray or milk form, the Froïka Suncare range has a wide selection of sunscreens which cater for all phototypes and exposure times. Each item in the collection is classified as 5* ULTRA and they all protect the skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays. They are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, paraben free and designed with the most advanced formulation. Not only do the products preserve the skin from sun exposure, but they also help you achieve that much-awaited natural tan in the safest way possible.  The entire range is hydrating and durable, thanks to their hyaluronic acid additive component. Apply 15-20 minutes prior to sun exposure, and enjoy the hydrating benefits of this wonderful collection.

Here’s a breakdown of this flexible range:

SunCare Cream SPF 20 (Oil Free) – This product is excellent for daily use under normal sunlight conditions. It protects the skin from premature ageing, and it is ideal as a make up base due to its oil-free formula. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, oily skin and darker phototypes.



SunCare Cream SPF 30 (Cream, Spray or Milk form) – This product is ideal for daily use under intense sunlight conditions. It is especially recommended during sport activities and for oily and sensitive skin. It is available in cream, milk or spray form and leaves no white traces as it is immediately absorbed.



SunCare AC Cream SPF 30 (Oil Free) – This outstanding sunscreen is an anti-acne cream is highly protective of oily and acne-prone skin. It contains seboregulating and keratoregulating action to regulate sebum production while keeping pores from clogging.



SunCare SPF50+ (Cream, Emulsion, Spray, Milk) – This product is the most ideal for extreme sunlight conditions. It is highly recommended for sun hypersensitive and intolerant skin, and it can also be used to protect scars and burns from the sun.



SunCare Anti Spot Cream SPF50+ – This whitening cream offers the highest level of protection for freckled skin or skin that has just undergone laser peeling treatment. It is also highly recommended for protecting babies and young children from prolonged sun exposure.



SunCare Tinted Cream SPF50+ – This is a great alternative to a concealer! The product is enriched with natural colour for skin coverage and is ideal for extreme sunlight conditions. It can also be used to protect and conceal scars and burns.



SunCare Dermopediatric SPF 30 and 50 – Provide your baby with the highest form of protection against sun exposure with this product especially designed to accommodate sensitive baby skin. It conceals your baby from immediate sunburn and has a non-oily and light texture. The SPF 30 is available in spray form, while the SPF50 can used both in spray or milk form.



Take care this summer with Froïka’s SunCare range.


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