Date of Birth: 17th April, 1980 (and the earth shook!)

Where do you live? Currently living in St Julian’s

Status: Not married

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: DJing, graphic design, marketing manager and event organiser

Media-related occupation: I deejay in clubs and host the weekend shows on XFM100.2 on Friday and Saturday evenings.

MYKILL CINI has been rocking dance floors since 1999. Not many DJs from Malta can say that they have performed on the same stage with Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Cassius, Roger Sanchez, Filo & Perry, the Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell Williams, Darude, Lady Gaga, N.E.R.D., Akon, Inna, Maroon 5 and Tribali to crowds of over 45,000 people at one go. He’s played international events for world renowned entities such as MTV, Pacha World Tour and the official Café Del Mar and Buddha Bar.

For the past fifteen years, Mykill has established himself as one of Malta’s top DJs, with regular gigs at Shadow Lounge, Gianpula, Uno, La Grotta and all major events by G7, Sunglasses at Night and Whysoserious. On an international level, his adventures behind the decks have taken him to play at renowned events, and he has exported his unique DJ sets to Ibiza, the Caribbean Island of St Martin, Qatar, Austria, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, London, Latvia, Slovakia and Cyprus.



Tell us about your journey to becoming a deejay.

I started my musical stint as a guitarist and front man in a punk band in the 90s, eventually swapping my electric guitar for a pair of turntables and a mixer. I worked hard and put in the years to finally establish my name as an original DJ, show man and crowd pleaser. I’ve always put on tunes that rock the dance floor, surprise the crowd with a mixture of ear-friendly tunes and unexpected remixes, dropping in samples, jingles and my trademark microphone antics!

I’m primarily a party DJ – when I hit the DJ stand, the dance floor immediately ignites as I deliver track after track, never taking safe bets. I simply interact with the crowd, no matter what capacity the club holds. I become that friend who plays tunes you love at your private house party.

Having a musical background, I love teaming up with musicians in my set, with carefully rehearsed impromptu solos on top of my mixes. I’m often accompanied by live bongo, jembee/digital drums, saxophone, trumpet, live singers, violin and cello. I’m a resident DJ at Café Del Mar (official Ibiza franchise) on Wednesdays for G7 chill out and on Sundays for the live sessions. My set recorded for the opening reached over 6,500 plays and is available here.

I’ve also created my own events/promotion agency under the brand, Whysoserious. It is now one of Malta’s most consistent club promotions, throwing highly attended parties every Friday for the past three years at Hugo’s Shadow Lounge in Paceville. I also organise boat parties and co-promote big events such as Lovesexy and various festivals in Gozo. I’m also one of the residents of Whysoserious, and our last international event was held at Multi-Klubs in Latvia which featured a Maltese DJ line up, visuals on the venue screens and a Maltese entourage taking over the dance floor!

Can you describe your state of mind while DJing?

When I’m DJing, all I care about is helping the crowd in front of me dance and have a good time. That is my priority and I do that by playing the right tunes with a good flow and by connecting with the people in front of me.



Apart from music, what are some of the other things you cherish in life?

Travelling is a big passion of mine and it’s just great when I get to DJ abroad. I’ve lately built up an exciting network which allows me to visit a number of different countries on a regular basis. Now that makes me happy!

What role does technology play in your life?

Thanks to my DJing, track-producing and graphic design work, you could say that without technology, I wouldn’t able to do much. In fact, most of my spare cash goes on the latest music equipment and computer technology!

Is fashion an important part of your life, and why?

I’ve got my own style. I believe a DJ can get away with looking quite funky, and I love T-shirts that are a bit original and funny. I have a huge collection! During every trip abroad, I make sure that I buy some original T-shirts. I think I must have well over 400 tops now.

What percentage of your life do you spend shopping?

I just make sure that for every gig, I’ve got the right clothes. I don’t have much patience for shopping, so I’d say a very small percentage of my time is spent on this. On the other hand, if we’re talking about a guitar or music store, I’m very likely to spend hours at a time there!