I love commercials – in fact, I prefer commercials to the actual shows most of the time.

So here’s my top pick of my all-time favourites!

Old Spice: Few adverts are as iconic as the Old Spice commercial. It has spawned spoofs and has turned Isaiah Mustafa – the man who acts in it – into a global cultural icon. He is quoted, he is wanted and he is missed. Sadly, however, although their other commercials have tried to follow the same pattern, this advert was so well-received and well-loved that they could never match its success.

T-Mobile, Super Bowl 2015: This was a tough one as the Super Bowl always spawns some amazing adverts. In fact, I couldn’t decide between the Budweiser advert with a hunk and a puppy or the T-Mobile one with Kim K. As you can see below, the latter won. As an advert, it’s not as emotionally appealing, and it’s not as good. BUT, the script was absolutely brilliant. T-Mobile really capitalised on Kim’s 35.7m Instagram followers by featuring her snaps on their advert. She made fun of herself – showing once again that, much like her ex-pal Paris Hilton, she’s not dumb but, rather, a remarkably business-savvy woman. It was ace.


John Lewis, Christmas 2014: When it comes to adverts, Christmas in Britain is the equivalent to the Super Bowl in America – they go all out! Every year we see a stream of fabulous Christmas adverts by some of the major labels, brands and department stores in England. The one most worth mentioning on this list? The 2014 Christmas advert for John Lewis, featuring a memorable friendship between a bear and hare with Lily Allen’s rendition of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know in the background. As magical as Christmas.


Complete Washroom Solution: Taking the stereotype model to the next level was this hilarious advert by Complete Washroom Solution. It features a model who goes into a cubicle to snort a line of cocaine – then the toilet with an automated seat-cleaning function comes to life. The rest is breathtakingly good.


De Cecco: What this advert for De Cecco pasta managed to achieve in 32 seconds is astonishing. By juxtaposing their pasta to masterpieces like Michaelangelo’s Il Mose and a Stradivarius violin, De Cecco positioned themselves high – and the voice over and the background music made it seem legit.


What I love about these adverts is that they tapped into buyers’ inner desire for certain lifestyles. Pasta has become a masterpiece that anyone can afford, T-Mobile is as cool as the most famous woman in the world and a toilet has become a symbol of Hollywood glamour. Quite a feat in just a few minutes, wouldn’t you say?

And what about you? Which are your top five? We would love to discover some new ones!

Let us know in the comments section!