Travellers from all corners of the globe are congregating to the luxury destination that is Malta. Whether it’s for a much needed holiday or an event-filled city break, this island in the Mediterranean is the perfect location.


From left, Annabel Camilleri (Operations Manager), David Saliba (Sales Manager), Isabel Tapp (Founder and CEO), George Turns (Managing Director).


Malta’s ambience is so ideal in fact, that hundreds of expats have now relocated here. Of course, emigrating to a different landscape has its challenges.

“I understand those challenges only too well because I have moved all over the world myself,” says Maltese-born Isabel Tapp, who is a renowned high-end hospitality and luxury expert, and runs an Award-winning PR agency in Dubai.

“I still move between two countries now, and that experience has helped to give me a unique insight into what expats need to know when they move to a new country. That is exactly what inspired me to launch tappintomalta,” she explains.


From left, George Turns, Isabel Tapp, Maria, Alex Bonello.


The website has attracted thousands of hits so far. It provides its viewers, both local and newly settled, with brands and services that are available in Malta. It also offers an array of insightful articles on travel and celebrated personalities.

“We want to give our readers genuine advice about where to find specific brands, products and services in Malta,” continues Isabel, who founded the company along with her partner George Turns. “Users will be able to find reliable information, ask questions and interact with other people, as well as read inspirational articles about lifestyle, travel, and people.”


From left, Claudio Bugeja, Monique Chambers, Lisa Browning, Annabel Camilleri.


Words of wisdom will also be shared by a team of well-established professional consultants with over 25 years of experience in the industry, who expertise has been trusted by some of the finest brands, including Corinthia Hotels, CampbellGray Hotels, Austrian Airlines, Baros Maldives, Capella Hotels & Resorts, St. Regis Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, North Island Seychelles, Wilderness Safaris, HERTZ and Twinings Teas.

Tappintomalta is now teaming up with local companies who endeavour to extend their clientele list with up-scale customers and affluent expats. “We will be using our blog and social media platforms, together with our PR expertise, to promote our partners’ stories and to highlight their latest news. This will give our partners the opportunity to reach out to a very particular demographic in Malta. We know our readers are interested in quality and experiences and we want to help them find it.

“Tappintomalta is all about connecting people,” she adds.

For more information visit our official website.


From left, Isabel Tapp, Melo Balzan, Marita Sammut Xuereb, George Turns


From left, Mary Camilleri, Mario Camilleri, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Kenneth Zammit Endrich