Date of Birth: 28th December 1991

Where do you live? Iklin

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Capricorn

Main occupation: English Teacher

Media-related occupation: Actress / Presenter


CHRISTINE HABER has been acting ever since she was four years old. She started with a minor role in the slapstick comedy, Sossy. She then moved on to play Sera in the family drama Becky – a role which she is still holds.

“When we took a hiatus from Becky, I also had main parts in KC and Déjà Vu. In the meantime, I was given the opportunity to host the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza several times and I have also hosted the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

I was also part of the talent show Don’t Stop Me Now where the aim was to discover new talent. For a few years, I attended dance classes and played the piano. I also have a basic knowledge of how to play the guitar. I wrote my own song a few years ago called ‘I’d be fine’.

Although I love singing, I have never had any formal training and it’s just a hobby I like to practise whenever I have some free time,” explained Christine.

Is there anything, whether in your personal or professional career that you would like to accomplish in the next few years?

I would like to write a few more songs of my own and maybe host the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, one day. I would also like to visit Dubai, but it’s a kind of mission impossible to convince my father and boyfriend as they’re not very keen to visit that country.

So far, what’s the most money you have spent in one go?

I do not spend a lot of money. As much as possible, I try to go for bargains and my mum has always taught me to save for a rainy day. I like to spend money on presents for my parents and boyfriend, mostly. But probably, I spend the most when I am in London or while I am on holiday with my loved ones.

What percentage of your time do you spend shopping?

I wish I had more time for shopping, but I don’t. So I either buy a few items online, or else when I’m with my mother running errands I stop by a shop and buy an item or two. I don’t go on crazy shopping sprees, unless I’m abroad.

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing? And why?

I love dancing and I love singing along with the songs I know. Yet, my boyfriend and friends do not like dancing that much, so I’ll probably be the one standing in the middle dancing on my own and acting goofy and making a fool of myself. So, I’d rather go out to dinner and have a drink later. In fact, wherever I go I make sure there’s something to eat.

Do you usually hoard things or regularly throw stuff out?

I’m a hoarder! I argue that everything has a sentimental value or is a reminder of something. And even if it’s something useless, I put it away for safe-keeping just in case I need it sometime in the future. The only problem is that I usually forget where I have put it – this happens all the time.