The Fuzzhoneys is a girl musical duo from Malta, with Francesca Mercieca on the guitar and vocals, and Caroline Spiteri on drumbeats. They got together in 2014 and have been doing exceptionally well ever since.


With their main focus being on original songs, they truly have a style of their own, with a sensual / husky take on vocals and a creative, groovy bass-line beat.

How did Fuzzhoneys come about and why?

Francesca: Music has always been a huge part of our lives and we have both always wanted to be in a band. Then, just when we had almost given up, we met each other. Patience is indeed a virtue.

What do you write and sing about? What image do you think your music conveys?

Caroline: First the music is played, then Francesca asks me for a subject to sing about, I randomly give her one and she improvises on the spot.

FrancescaOur music doesn’t have one image or genre, each song always has a specific story. Usually, after some jams the song musically grows, and after we’ve discussed the topic of the song, we see how the subject applies to us and let it grow further. The orientation is generally angry, sad and dark. Sometimes there’s light.


Last summer, after playing in a gig in London, you were referred to as ‘exciting revelations on the local scene this year.’ How did this make you feel? Did you ever imagine that you’d do so well and so quickly?

FrancescaTo make us feel super accepted at such an early stage of the band’s life span was an honour. We’re so happy that we’re appreciated and this motivates us more for the energy of live performance. Personally, it’s about how to develop our sound. However, with such a positive mention, it drives us to perform more. We never expected to do so well so quickly. In fact, our first gig was just a test drive. From then on, it was like a domino effect, which we’re still getting used to.

Caroline“And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, heaving the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain.” Revelation 20:1

If you could meet your favourite band/artist what would you ask them/him/her?

Caroline & Francesca: They’re all dead. If we happened to meet someone from the few who are alive, we’d say “Thanks!”

What are your musical plans for the immediate future?

CarolineAt the moment, besides focusing on writing new material, we’re working on our demo CD, which will include about five of our recently recorded original songs. Hopefully, by the end of this year it will be released.

Francesca: We’re also collaborating with other artists in the making of a music video for one of our original songs and a theatrical play where we will be playing our original music simultaneously to the actors’ performance.