Pantomime is always a kid’s show which happens at the end of the year over the Christmas period.

Oh, no it isn’t. Oh, yes it is. Oh, no it isn’t! Oh, yes it is! OH, NO IT ISN’T! OH, YES IT IS!

It is, technically. But Steve Hili’s giving us the pleasure of an exciting new adult panto this July!

Last year, Mr Hili had put together Malta’s first ever anti-panto for adults. It was naughty rather than nice, and it was in summer… just because.

It’s blunt silliness and no-holds-barred naughtiness had its audience in stitches, and was described by the Times as having ‘thrown restraint to the wind’.

Steve and the gang are back. And they’ve gone one better.

full cast


Jack and His Beanstalk – The Adult Panto is going to be the rowdiest, raunchiest, and ridiculously funniest show you’ll see this year! It will be featuring some of Malta’s top comic talent, including Colin Fitz, PJ Xerxen, Pia Zammit, Chiara Hyzler , Steffi Thake, Maxine Aquilina, Joe Depasquale, Naomi Said and Steve himself.

Steve is currently taking a break from his comedy work in London to write and direct the show. From a cannibalistic giant to beanstalks via zombies, an out-of-control dame, and of course spring hunting, you’re in for a fun ride. It’s naughty. It’s silly. It’s mad. It’s Steve and the gang.

Jack and His Beanstalk will be held at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta for two nights ONLY. Get your tickets for Saturday 4th July or Saturday 11th July. Yes, the air-conditioning will be switched on. And yes, parking’s free.

Tickets are available at ticketline.com.mt from only €12.