A lot of effort is put into planning your wedding day. Sometimes, we focus so much on the venue, the flowers, the invitations, the guest list, the dress and so on, that we forget to take care of our own appearance for the big day! You deserve to look your best, both in the photos and while you celebrate your marriage with your loved ones.


Here are some Dos and Don’ts for your big day:

DON’T leave a facial for the last few days before the wedding. Sometimes, a facial will clear your skin from underneath, and this could often lead to breakouts. A facial should be done at least two weeks in advance.



DO try to eat lead a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, and also drink plenty of water for your skin to look its best.

If you are not in the habit of cleansing, toning and moisturising every day before you go to bed, DO get into the habit of this ritual at least a month before your big day.

On your wedding day, DO leave the make up application in the hands of an expert. A professional make up artist will use high definition products which are appropriate for high definition cameras which will probably be used by your photographer.


DO discuss with your make up artist your preferences. Some brides like a very natural look, while others will want to opt for something bolder. This is your special day, and you have the right to choose something you’ll be comfortable with.

If you are applying the make up yourself, DO invest in some professional brands, especially when it comes to your foundation and powder, in order to avoid looking shiny in your photographs. Also, make up has to last for hours, so a make up fixer is a must!

DO take into consideration whether it’s a morning or evening wedding. The make up application and products used vary, depending on the different times of day they’re meant to be applied.

DON’T try new hairstyles which could make you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. If you are going for an up style which you’ve never had before, try it out beforehand for a special occasion and see how you feel with it.



Above all, relax and enjoy your big day. Your happiness is what matters most, so let that be captured on camera and shared with your guests.


Tips by Violet Vella IHBC, VTCT – Professional Makeup Artist