Date of Birth: 10 May 1995

Where do you live? Swieqi

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Taurus

Main occupation: University Student

Media-related occupation: Singer / Bassist with the band, WaterWings

MARC ALAN SPITERI STAFRACE has always been involved in school bands, stage productions, videos, some music-related solo work and even a stint as a radio deejay before settling to what he’s got on his plate right now. At the moment, he’s studying computer engineering at university.

“I’m a vocalist and bassist for WaterWings, and following our first successful single Steal The Crown, we’re back with our new release Forever Clear. I’m also a guitarist/backing vocalist for Brown Sugar – The Desi Campbell Band. Oh, and I work in the IT industry. Quite a busy lad, right?” commented Marc.


Photography: David Grima


Tell us about your journey to become a musician.

As a musician, I took off at the age of around five or six when I began singing. I come from a musically rich family: two of my aunts have represented Malta in the Eurovision, so it was a tad expected that I might follow in their footsteps. A few years later, I began studying music theory, then piano, and I picked up my aunt’s old guitar at the age of 11. In time, my instinct showed me I had a missing link within, so I picked up the bass at around 15 years of age.

How did you first discover you had a talent for singing?

There might have been an episode before this – my toddler life is quite a blur now, to be honest – but the first clear memory I have is that of joining the primary school choir, not out of knowing I could sing, but simply to be there, and my music teacher at school, Mr Ivan Degabriele, pointed out that I should take it further. During the same time, my arts teacher, Mr Frank O’Neill, made me realise that I was a stage-seeker, and involved me in some productions and documentaries. They might be the least apparent people in my story sometimes, but I definitely owe a lot of who I am today to them.

Do you normally have a message that you would like to put across with your singing?

More than a message – it’s a vibe. Even through my lyrics, I don’t seek to transmit a clear message through the words, but what means a lot to me is the feeling, the mood, the atmosphere those words and the way they are sung create in the room, and within the listener’s mind. Why should I stamp my own specific message on the listener? I feel it’s better to create the vibe and the mood, and then let the listener create that mood into his own story – that way, he can make a better connection between personal experience and art, which is what it’s all about, after all.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I don’t really stick to one style. It all depends on my day’s agenda or my mood. Long hours at university and work days somewhat force me to go for a smarter look, although I still try to tone it down just a little bit towards a more casual look. On stage with WaterWings, I keep a look which is trendy but rock and with Brown Sugar, it’s still trendy but generously spiced up with a Blues rock vibe! The only time fashion styling rules don’t apply is when I’m at rehearsals: even pyjamas are good as long as I’m 100% relaxed and comfortable!

What is your favourite thing in your whole bedroom?

The bed – no doubt about it! I normally run a schedule of around 19-hour long days, which leaves just a few hours for sleep. When I finally get home late at night I’d be longing for a good night’s sleep like crazy!

Where do you want to take your singing?

As far as possible? Well, as long as it’s giving me the satisfaction it’s giving me now, the sky is the limit, really!

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