Credit - Dragana Rankovic

With her fiery personality and beautiful beaming smile, Isabel Warrington is an amazing force of nature who is renowned for her excellently-executed roles in theatre, vibrant and heart-warming caricatures and invigorating fitness sessions. She gave eve.com.mt a passionate insight of how she lovingly juggles all that she does with plenty of energy to spare. 

How did Isabel Warrington come to be Isabel Warrington?

Well, the person I am today is a result of my life experience – trials and errors, successes and failures all rolled into one. I find it hard to identify who or what I am because I’d like to think that I’m always evolving. If I had to identify some of my more defined personality traits I’d say that when I set myself a goal I am determined in seeing it through. It rarely goes as I initially plan, but eventually it does materialise. I have a lot of energy which I tend to exploit to the fullest in terms of creativity. Sometimes, I tend to go overboard and burn out but I’m getting better at being more selective at what I do. I have an insatiable appetite for creating, discovering and having new experiences which keeps me ambitious and always on my toes. I think one of the most positive things about this time of my life is having a clearer picture of what I like and dislike. This makes for more speed and clarity when taking decisions, resulting in a happier outcome all round.

What stimulates your creativity?

Enthusiastic, creative and positive people; being in an environment that makes room for creativity – my house is one place where I feel very creative – it’s like a big workshop where I can experiment without the fear of making mistakes. Travelling and being exposed to other forms of creativity are also a big influence. Interacting with other creative people is extremely important for me to grow creatively.


Many know you to be an artist, an actress, a fitness instructor and a designer all rolled into one. Would you say your professions complement each other?

Yes, they do. That’s the reason why I choose to pursue them all. I am quite restless and although I love being still and alone when I am working on art projects, I also need to socialise and be active. The older I get, the more I value a balanced life, therefore working in different areas gives me more opportunity to keep learning new skills, and discovering new ventures.

What would you say is distinctive about your artwork?

A lot of my recent work is caricature, whether it’s of a specific person or a character that I invent. I like comedy and satire. Probably what is most distinctive about my work is the tendency to exaggerate reality.

What advice would you give to today’s independent woman?

Do what you love, enjoy your life. Have a goal (or goals) and do your best to meet them because it gives you a sense of achievement which is important for your self esteem. Aim to be financially stable as that will give you peace of mind and independence. Listen to your gut feeling, because that is usually the right choice for you. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes because you will learn a great deal from them. Don’t worry about what other people say about you, JUST BE YOURSELF. Be informed, learn, travel and have fun. Be kind to yourself and remember that life is there to be enjoyed.

Could you describe to us a day in the life of Isabel Warrington?

My pet hate is routine, therefore I don’t have a typical day. Most of my day is taken up by work which could be anything from creating artworks for clients, giving a fitness class, having a meeting to discuss an upcoming project, learning lines from a script, squeezing in household chores, rehearsing for a play, organising an event, painting the floor, designing costumes for a theatre production…  I try as much as possible to have one day a week when I’m not working, however my work is very unpredictable. It’s rare that I manage to stick to a rigid plan as urgent jobs need to take priority. Most of the time it’s a juggling act, but somehow it all falls into place.

What are the three things/people in your life which/whom you can’t live without?

Love, music, and freedom.