On Saturday 6th June, the annual competition that leads to the election of Miss Malta took place at the beautiful Conference Centre inside Hilton Hotel.

After a long and difficult selection twenty young girls have been called to show to the national audience not only their exterior beauty but also their intellectual capacities, sympathy and ability to talk in public.

The wager was high: not only the prestigious title of Miss Malta 2015 and the opportunity to represent the country abroad but also a waterfall of presents and vouchers and a year teaming with public activities. I will definitely participate next year! If Conchita won deservedly Eurovision I don’t understand why should I be excluded. I will let you know…

Back to serious, after catwalks (girls, next time I would pay more attention on this aspect!) and talks about existential dilemmas like to be or not to be, fire or water the queen of beauty was proclaimed: Miss Balzan, Sarah Marcieca, became Miss Malta 2015.


The ritual followed: coronation, tears, congratulations, flashes and kisses.

To the other disgruntled contestants goes my support: Come on girls, as my best friend says: “Pretty hurts” but this is not the end of the world. Beauty is an ephemeral value. Invest in yourself and your personal cultivation: that will be your greatest victory and remember that our biggest aspiration in life should be to be happy!

Congratulations to Miss Malta 2015 and the organisers of the event, Glow Promotions.