For 30 years, we’ve seen Winter Moods blossom into a reputable institution in its own right. For 30 years, the band has been a beacon of hope to so many aspiring Maltese musicians. For 30 years, we’ve had Ivan Grech as an established Maltese music legend. This year, Winter Moods will be celebrating three decades of brilliant music with a special concert on the 13th June at Fort St Elmo. We had a chat with Ivan for a quick look back on these last 30 years.


Image: Photography by Ivan Pierre Vella


What is your earliest memory of being on stage?

I was 6 years old at the Senglea Primary School concert…. It was only 40 years ago!


If you had to go back 30 years to the very beginning of Winter Moods, would you do anything differently?

Well, I still wonder today what it would have been like to ride the infamous opportunity train when it passed by. We had had a couple of interesting offers back in 2001 and 2003 – perhaps we should have gone for it without looking much into it. Apart from that, I think it has been a beautiful roller coaster ride and would do it all over again.


If Winter Moods had to be a type of animal, what would it be?

A guide dog!


Image: Photography by Ivan Pierre Vella


What life lessons have you gathered from playing with the band?

It has made me a better team player. It’s helped me accept and share what others bring to the table. I have become more committed to carry out my responsibilities.


You’ve played with several legends such as Elton John, Bryan Adams and Bob Geldof. IS there anyone else on the bucket list you’d love to work with and why?

Well it would be Bono and U2, because they are the reason I joined a band in the first place. They have always been an inspiration to me, and it would be a dream come true to collaborate with my idols.


What are, to you, the powers of music?

Music enhances emotions. It is a special way for me to express myself with no boundaries – it is communication and motivation. For me, music is life.


Image: Photography by Ivan Pierre Vella