If you would like your skin to be treated by the latest advanced skincare brightening actives, then look no further than the Repêchage Biolight collection. The range promises a result-driven treatment which focuses on facial rejuvenation, targeting pigmentation, age spots and the effects of sun damage, to mention a few. The Repêchage Biolight Facial Treatment will reignite your skin’s uncovered luminosity.

The Repêchage Biolight Collection is clinically proven to decrease the appearance of uneven skin tone, thanks to the research in peptide and marine biotechnology the brand has undergone. It combats hyper-pigmentation and age spots due to sun damage, and also targets acne scars and the effects of hormonal changes. It ultimately enhances cell renewal and reduces inflammation to maintain your skin’s radiance. The product excels in combating melanogenesis, a process which affects pigmentation before, during and after it occurs on the skin.


The Biolight Facial Treatment with glyco sea peel focuses on resurfacing and renewing the skin. However, this product stands out because of its gentle process, unlike the irritation caused by standard glycolic peels. The delicate structure of the skin is not damaged during the increased cell turnover, thanks to the formula of 35% glycolic acid combined with laminaria complex.


Some of the excellent active ingredients in this fabulous line include goto kola extract, licorice, willow bark extract, bellis daisy, kojic acid and antioxidant tea blend.

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