Date of Birth: 7th April, 1985

Where do you live? In Kalkara

Status: Single

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: Child minder

Media-related occupation: Singer


For a long time, DEBBIE STIVALA was just an observer and to be honest she does not recall wishing to be part of the media industry.

“It all happened about a year ago when I made a decision to play a song for the Eurovision. Friends of mine had suggested I give that a try and so I did. I believed the song was a good one and I also wanted to get over the fear of singing in front of an audience, so for me this whole experience was both a challenge and included some fun times too. My approach towards it was never a competitive one, even though the whole thing is a competition. The feedback I received was a big surprise for me, far beyond my expectations. It gave me courage and now I find myself writing more,” explained Debbie in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Where did you get your stage name De Bee from?

I was just experimenting with my real name, Debbie. I can’t recall exactly how I came to this conclusion, but a year before Eurovision I released the single Just Like You under the name De Bee and then I thought that it would be wise to stick to that name – but that might change too, now that I have a band joining me.

Do you normally try to convey a message through your lyrics?

In Pin the Middle and Just like You yes, I wanted to convey a particular message. For the past year, I have been working on writing a number of songs which have a clear message and others which reflect personal experiences.

Is there anything in either your personal or professional life which you would like to accomplish in the next few years?

Yes of course – I would like to have a magic wand so that I can go around and change things for the better whenever necessary. And for when I’m not dreaming, I think I’d like to have a child of my own someday and it would be great to have a studio at home with a sea view (yes sure it’s still a dream just more realistic).

How far would you like to take your singing career?

As far as it can go. I am a bit of a dreamer, I think you’ve got that already!? Sometimes, I sing melodies and it feels like I can reach the universe, or I write a song and I believe it can go across the whole world, but then I’m still very happy just to sing while going upstairs to our roof to hang out the clothes.

Besides music, what are some of the other things that you cherish in life?

Family, kids and good friends, trees and silence, freedom of movement and good food and a warm bed and a good pillow, too. I appreciate having a proper bathroom too, it’s a nice place to be, a lot of peace can be found there. :)

What sound or noise do you love?

I love the sound of birds and the sound of rough sea and when it’s not that, I like the sound of the guitar.