He graces the staffroom with his beautifully tailored coats and jackets. All eyes are on her sculpted shoes which go perfectly with her A-line skirt as she saunters into the office. He’s always being told that he dresses like Daniel Craig, and she bursts through the door in the style of Miranda Priestly. Does all this sound familiar?

It’s always lovely to receive a compliment about your clothing, but it’s even lovelier to be submitted for’s ‘Most Stylish Colleague 2015 Award’. If you think your co-worker deserves to win this prestigious title, simply submit his/her name, email address, a full photo of them at their most stylish and your reasons as to why they should win. We will then make our final decision at the end of the year and contact your colleague if he/she is the lucky winner. They will be featured on our website and they’ll also win €100 in cash!


  • Your colleague must be at least 18 years of age to be nominated.
  • Please provide your colleague’s email address and phone number, so that we may contact them for their consent to be nominated in the competition.
  • The full body photo must showcase your colleague from head to toe, in order for us to assess their choice of footwear and hairstyle.
  • You may only nominate one person from your workplace. If there is more than one stylish person at the office, another one of your colleagues may nominate someone else.
  • Your testimonial about your colleague should not exceed 60 words.
  • Here at, we believe in diversity and equality. We accept entries of all shapes, heights and sizes and we will not judge your colleague on his/her physical appearance. We will solely focus on how well he/she dresses himself/herself.

Send us your application to