They say that fifty is the new forty, because forty is the new thirty, right? We might strive to look young, act young and feel young, but ultimately, everyone has to face that big five zero, because time catches up with everyone – even the rich and the famous. Here are some internationally well-known faces who, whether they’d like to admit it or not, have turned or will be turning fifty in 2015:

It’s difficult to believe that the sparkly-eyed producer and star of Sex and the City has aged since the Carrie Bradshaw days. Sarah Jessica Parker’s birth certificate however reveals that she turned fifty on the 25th March.


Image: Sarah Jessica Parker


The man who brought the Iron Man hero from the Marvel comics to life has a lot going in his life, but seems to take it all in his stride. Maybe it’s his cool and relaxed but assertive approach, as well as having young kids, that help Robert Downey Jr. keep looking so good and young, despite having celebrated his fiftieth on the 4th April.


Image: Robert Downey Jr


The beautiful Brooke Shields made it to the cover of Cosmopolitan aged just fifteen and won a Razzie Award for Worst Actress at around the same time. Now she’s ‘turning half a hundred’, as she likes to call it, on the 31st May.


Image: Brooke Shields


Sometimes described as an ‘English rose’ and making headlines since 1994, Elizabeth Hurley looks better now than she did in her thirties. All the same, the clock is ticking its way to the 10th of June and her fiftieth birthday.


Image: Elizabeth Hurley


Born as Laurence and one half of the duo behind the creation of The Matrix instalments, transgender Lana Wachowski first came out to the public in October 2012, saying she’d kept silent throughout the years of rumours about her transitioning due to her shyness of the media. She turns fifty as a woman on the 21st of June.


Image: Lana Wachowski


She’s invented spells that people have admitted to trying out, and has achieved massive success with a series of books about a boy called Harry Potter, but J.K. Rowling’s fertile imagination will not keep her from joining the fifty-year-olds come 31st July.


Image: J. K. Rowling


Singer/songwriter Shania Twain’s Rock This Country Tour starts off on the 5th June, seeing her around North America, including her native Canada. She turns fifty during a 19-day break from the shows on the 28th of August.


Image: Shania Twain


Charlie Sheen has made headlines often enough, usually for the wrong reasons. After going through three divorces, he split with fiancée Brett Rossi last year, weeks before the wedding date, saying he wanted to make his children a priority. It appears he’s going to be celebrating his fiftieth on the 3rd September as a single man after all.


Image: Charlie Sheen