Summer is so close, it’s palpable, and I really can’t wait to go to the seaside and luxuriate in the sweet smell of salt water and take in all the sun. But I want to look good while doing it too.



Way back, when one of my first articles for EVE got published, people went haywire. As they called for my head on a silver platter, some people said that the article wasn’t respectful to women, that it was shallow, and that staining sheets with baby oil was, apparently, the height of atrociousness.

Years on, I still think that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good naked – or, in this case, in a bikini. Everyone is free to follow this advice or to let it go. What I think is disrespectful is the fact that, in an age where we all talk crap about how we want to take control of our bodies and lives, we’re still offended when someone makes suggestions about how you can look and feel great.

So, how do you look good in a bikini? Glad you asked!

Choose The Right Bikini: Bikinis come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so when shopping for your bikini, take a trusted friend and get their advice. Does the colour match your skin tone? Is the bikini top big enough to keep you from spilling out? These are all perfectly sensible questions to ask.



Think Of Your Figure: We all have bits we love and bits we don’t, so accentuate what you like and learn to live with the others. If you’re a pear-shaped beauty, buy a bikini top that gives you a lift to create balance; to divert attention from your hips, buy a bikini bottom with a waist detail.

Flatter Stomach: If you want your abs to shine through, or to simply have a flatter stomach, cut down on the carbs during the summer months. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the results will show – and you’ll feel better too!

Grooming: If you want your forest to peek through your bikini bottom, that’s completely fine. But if you don’t, make sure you groom your lady parts – and, ideally, the day before, so it won’t sting when you hit the waves.



Get A Tan: Being tanned makes you look leaner, longer and more defined. So why not take a deckchair up to your roof and bathe in the sun for an hour or so? Just remember to lather up on the factor 30, please.

Exfoliate: Skin loves it when you exfoliate – it helps it breathe, get softer and glow. Invest in a good scrub with a nice scent, and watch as your skin shines through.

Accessorise: Straw hats and sand – and waterproof-jewellery help add a personalised touch to your bikini. A sarong, meanwhile, can help you hide wobbly bits or cellulite you may not want to showcase to the world.



Angle Yourself: Our posture says a lot about who we are, and the way we position ourselves can give our body a whole new silhouette. While sat down, make sure you keep your knees up so as to divert attention from your stomach, make your thighs look more chiseled and create an over-all slimmer body line.

Don’t Forget Your Feet: A foot scrub can go a long way, but one of the best methods I’ve discovered is to submerge your feet in a bowl full of water and milk. The lactic acids do wonders for your feet as they eat away dry skin.

Be Confident: You can have the most elaborate and beautiful bikini, and follow all the steps, but what’s most important is to feel comfortable in your bikini and be confident wearing it. Looking good helps with this, but you should also remember to love your body, to embrace your curves, and to wear stretch marks with pride.

What other ways can you think of to look better in a bikini? Let us know in the comments section below!