Whoever said that nail art has its days counted couldn’t be more wrong! Nail art is here to stay, so let’s have a look at some advanced techniques that are gaining a lot of popularity.


Foils have been around for quite some time, yet it is only recently that they’ve started being used more frequently. You can achieve beautiful full-cover designs with them on both regular and gel nail polish. All you need is a foil adhesive to make them work! The foil adhesive is simply glue which starts out as a milky liquid when applied thinly on the nail, and once it dries, it becomes clear. It needs to be a bit sticky so that the foil will stick on to it and must therefore not be completely dry. After a few seconds, just press the foil onto the clear glue and it should transfer effortlessly. Pressing a dry piece of cotton wool should help it transfer better. Always apply a top coat to protect it and make it last longer.


Nail art created at Nailara

Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are similar to nail foils, but they either come in water decal format or in a sticker format. I personally find that water decal wraps last longer. They are very easy to apply; just select the size that suits your nails best, trim them down, dip in water for a few seconds and gently lower onto the nails, making sure to avoid any air bubbles. If necessary, trim the excess off with a nail file and seal with a top coat!



Nail art created at Nailara

Alcohol Ink

This is a fun technique which involves the use of marker pens and rubbing alcohol to create beautiful marbled designs. This works best on gel nails where you remove the inhibition layer first and start scribbling with markers onto your nails. When finished, just dab some rubbing alcohol with a brush and this will blend the colours together. All you need is to let your creativity run wild!


Liquid Stones

The final technique is fast gaining popularity, as it adds a special touch to how your nail looks. However, you do need to have a little experience with gels. Liquid stones or jewels are just that – reconstruction gel mixed with a fine glitter mix to create beautiful jewel-like enhancements for your nails.


Which of these would you try?