A lot of women simply cringe at the sound of the word cellulite. Yet, we must face the fact that it’s a very common condition which most of us, especially adult women, have to accept.

Cellulite, also known as orange peel or cottage cheese skin, is the result of toxins accumulated beneath the skin. It can be caused by various factors, including lifestyle, hormonal changes and genetic predisposition. In order for our body to protect the vital organs, these toxins are stored as fat deposits right below the skin, causing the skin to dimple, thus creating the famous orange peel effect.

The good thing about cellulite is that it can be treated and also diminished. This obviously entails hard work and dedication, and committing to a healthy lifestyle is a must! Unfortunately, we cannot always fight the urge to grab a pizza on a Friday night, or have a couple of extra glasses of wine. We’re sometimes too tired to sweat some toxins at an endurance class. Also, winter doesn’t encourage us to drink water, and the sedentary lifestyle a lot of us lead doesn’t help either. All of these are a potential cause for accumulating unwanted fat deposits.

Since summer is round the corner, we might also find ourselves following some crazy fad diets or eating next to nothing! Calm down ladies, no pressure.

However, to aid in your strive, you should also introduce to your regime Guam Fanghi D’Alga, a mud treatment which drains water retention and helps detox the body, thus making your skin look smoother and healthier.

SEAWEED. The seaweed used in GUAM is carefully harvested, selected and preserved in a way which makes it a powerful ingredient to fight free radicals and skin ageing. Seaweed feeds on all the sea’s nutrients. It offers a concentration of the sea’s properties that is up to 50,000 times stronger than the water itself.


These are the active ingredients used in GUAM which fight imperfections caused by cellulite:

  • GUAM ALGAE: Rich in iodine, iron and calcium. Algae restore, rebalance, depurate, moisturise and soften the skin, and are effective against orange peel dimpling caused by water retention.
  • VENTILATED CLAY: This has a high absorbency rate, removes toxins purged from the skin and sloughs off dead surface skin cells. It is a natural cleanser, leaving skin silky smooth.
  • IVY EXTRACT: This has a regulating effect on the skin’s capillary walls, thanks to its content in saponin, which alleviates the oedematous conditions. It is used to improve and rebalance the hydro-lipid equilibrium. It keeps the skin firm, elastic and toned.
  • FUCUS VESICULOSUS EXTRACT: An astringent, cooling tonic, which provokes capillary distension, aiding the absorption of the mud’s active ingredients through the skin. It helps to alleviate oedematous conditions. It is also an adjuvant in cellulite treatment.
  • HORSE-CHESTNUT PHYTO-EXTRACT: This favourably acts on the oedemas, protects capillary vessels, and is an adjuvant in cellulite treatment.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS OF OREGANO AND LEMON: These penetrate deep into the skin and transport active principles with localised effects on cutaneous tissue. They stimulate, tone and purify the skin while boosting microcirculation.

Results: Women who have used the Guam Fanghi D’Alga mud treatment have found that they had obtained results from the very first application. The following changes were noticed:

  • Loss in thigh circumference
  • Reduction of imperfections caused by cellulite
  • Firm and elastic skin

These results have been proved with instrumental clinical tests.

Other helpful tips you have to consider:

Hydrate your body. Water improves digestion as it helps with bowel movements. It also hydrates the body. Juicing vegetables is also a great way to hydrate the skin and flush those nasty toxins away.

Refined Foods – Keep them out of reach! Refined foods tend to be extremely acidic and very dehydrating. They may have little or no nutritional value due to the processing methods used. This also includes sugars. Try and ditch sugars for a month and see the amazing results for yourself!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. We cannot stress enough the importance of exercise, whether it is a 30 minute walk or a 1 hour intensive training. As long as you are doing something, you are on the right track to losing weight, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and shaping and toning your body.

Eating Healthy. Eating a balanced diet of carbs, protein and unsaturated fats will assist the body in getting into shape in a healthier and quicker manner. Be mindful of what you eat and read your labels. If you are a gym lover, make sure you are replenishing your minerals, and eat the right nutrients before and after workouts.


The Guam Mud Treatment is available from all leading pharmacies and beauty salons. Alternatively, you can opt for the GUAM professional treatment at your nearest GUAM beauty salon.

For more information on the method of use, visit or call Liberty Business Culture on 21 424 401/2/3.