Love seeing your face on your mobile screen? Do you get excited every time someone ‘likes’ a photo of your face on Facebook? Researchers say you could actually be a bit psycho … But only if you’re a man!

Let’s be honest, we all like it when people ‘like’ our photos on Facebook or Instagram. It’s an acknowledgement that we’re looking good and that our sense of aesthetic gets general approval.

Yet, posting a lot of photos of ourselves can also lead to self-objectification, meaning that we often try to appear better and ‘perfect’ – or as close to our idea of what perfect is, as possible.

This is quite ironic over all, as at a time when society is trying to fight back against the effects magazines, Photoshop and the size-zero fashion model has on women and girls, we are now feeding into this discourse ourselves, willingly and happily.


In a research study conducted at Ohio State University, 800 men aged between 18 and 40 were asked to complete a survey about their social media output. Together with that, they were given a psychological questionnaire to determine their innate personality traits.

What they discovered – rather unsurprisingly – is that those who post a lot of selfies on social media tend to be more narcissistic. The more interesting part of it, however, is that the same people showed an impulsive attitude and displayed other anti-social characteristics too, including a lack of empathy towards others.

These traits are often associated with psychopathy, which is a mental illness, but it doesn’t actually mean that all men who are vain are actually psychos. After all, just because they share certain traits, doesn’t mean that all narcissistic men are about to go on a killing spree or anything of the sort.

Funnily enough, no women were included in this test and research surrounding women and selfies often comes to the conclusion that those who post a lot of selfies have low self-esteem, can be deemed annoying by their friends and may even have body dysmorphia, among other issues.

It’s quite ironic, isn’t it?

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