We’re all soaking up the first few rays of long awaited sunshine, and it’s time to prepare for our planned siestas at the beach in the scorching heat. Of course, we are all aware of the damage excessive exposure to the Sun can cause, and its radiation is much more complex than we actually think.

Ultraviolet rays are divided into three categories – UVC, UVB and UVA. UVC radiation is incredibly toxic, but it is luckily contained within the ozone layer. However, UVB radiation causes sunburns and a variety of skin cancers. Moreover, UVA radiation is responsible for the loss of skin elasticity, the formation of free radicals, DNA alterations and the destruction of cells, leading to other forms of skin cancer. The proper precautions against these rays must always be taken for the sake of our skin and overall health.


Coverderm’s Filteray Collection should be an essential part of the above-mentioned precautions. The highly protective formula is strong enough to remain effective with just one daily application, and the range offers up to an incredible SPF of 80! The main ingredients in the product consist of Vitamin C, phytosterols and olive oil, as well as avocado oil. All these are unbeatable factors which moisturise and have anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. The cream is both water- and perspire-resistant, and it is also suitable for all skin types, thanks to its hypoallergenic structure.

It is also important to add that the Vitamin C found in the whole range has a skin lightening factor. On top of that, the SPF 60 and SPF 80 creams have natural filters, 92% and 96% respectively.


Beauty Cosmos has a fantastic offer on Coverderm Filteray! With every face sunscreen that you purchase, you’ll get a free Coverderm body sunscreen to complement your Filteray collection. This outstanding range is at the forefront of UV protection. This is the must-have product in your Summer regime!

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