I’m a single man. That must mean I scratch my balls all the time and watch porn every night, right? Well, no, not really… 

Being a bachelor can be really hard.

People always think that being a single man is awesome. That we’re heartless playboys who enjoy living la vida loca. But it’s not true. Being a single man can be difficult and people’s assumptions of what being a bachelor actually means makes it even worse.

Here’s a few of them…

We all love being single: Well, some of us do, but not all of us. I, for one, don’t like dining by myself, or sharing a bed with just a laptop. I would love to have someone to share my life and hopes with and the only reason I don’t yet is because I’m still looking for that special someone. Sounds familiar? That’s because we’re like every single woman out there, except we’re men.

We all sleep around and tell: Some of us sleep around, others have the occasional one night stand, and others have chosen celibacy. It’s not true that we have girls throwing themselves at us. It’s not true that all we think about is pussy, and it’s not exactly true that we have sex and forget about the other person as soon as we are out the door.

We’re all heartless: I’m a single man, not Lucifer. I don’t feel ‘okay’ when I get stood up. I don’t like it when I go on a date, not like the other person and have to tell them that ‘we can be friends.’ I feel the same way as most other people feel in these situations and I don’t like hurting others, either.


We watch porn every night: Well, this one is probably true, but do we really have an alternative if we’re not getting laid? I don’t expect the women I sleep with to look or act like the ones in porn, and I can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. So don’t judge us on having fun-for-one every evening.

Our houses smell and we leave our underwear on the floor: Last time I checked, cleaning products were not the preserve of women. If anything, we’re all working towards removing that stigmatisation. I do my laundry twice a week, mop the floor every other day, and I have a laundry basket in the bathroom. I may be hairy, but I’m not a primate …

Do you agree with James? Do you think people unfairly judge single men?

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