Engines were full steam ahead at the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week. It was officially at the height of activity with regards to the presentation of new collections by the designers who had joined the annual event. This year the MFW chose Valletta as the main location for most of its events, and they certainly got it right!

The seventeenth-century capital displays a luxurious and cultural background for fashion week. Valletta imposes itself as one of the protagonists of the fashion week, wearing a dress embroidered with religious, baroque and eternal decorations. The Lewis Farrugia Courtyard within the Malta Chamber of Commerce Building hosted a show which I had been personally looking forward to – The Parascandalo Marco, Julia Boikova and Sai Suman Fashion Show.



Your Eve’s event reporter not only sat in the front row along with the crowd of fashion bloggers, but he also had the opportunity to go backstage and take some pictures. The backstage area is a parallel world of make up and sequins, lights and colours, strong emotions, fears, hopes and adrenaline.



The show kick started with Sai Suman opening the dances. The Indian designer has been in the business for the last 10 years. From Mumbai to New York and finally to Malta, the jump has been great. Her collection has transported us to the atmosphere of the jungle of Bengal. ‘Exotic Jungle’ has mixed evening gowns with exotic Indian atmospheres. The fabrics and animal prints have brought onto the catwalk characters which have moved from the forest to the urban jungle of night life. Branches, trees and golden leaves, together with the colours of nature and the transparencies of a naturist’s world, led the audience into an alien dimension made of roars and humid tropical plants.



Designs above by Sai Suman


Julia Boikova was the second designer to go on stage. The Boikovanian lady is a strong girl who knows what she wants. The collection consists of a series of prête-à-porter garments made by bicolour / tricolour tissues that masterfully lend themselves to a sexy outfit, elegant, but without exceeding to sumptuousness. Men’s t-shirts, made on the same prints that recall the strings in psychedelic movements, have definitely hit the spot.



Designs above by Julia Boikova


The evening finally ended with Parascandalo Marco’s show. The young Maltese designer was the most anticipated of the evening. The greatest expectations of the Maltese public and insiders were focused on him in the wake of the successes of the last Fashion Week and of his previous collection, ‘Seriously Black’. Marco did not disappoint anyone. Although wrapped in white cotton or silk, Parascandalo’s man remains ‘scandalously’ sexy and transgressive. Urban spirit does not abandon him and contemporary androgyny makes him exquisitely captivating. From white to black and from black to studs and denim, the passage is gradual, consistent and spot-on. The oversize has a perfect fit. The written skandlu returns under a new guise. I predict a sparkling summer for the young Marco, who was received with thunderous applause by the audience, which was quite literally ‘in the sky’, as the collection was so aptly named.

This year, the Maltese fashion industry is proving to be on the right path to becoming a Mediterranean centre of fashion.



Designs above by Marco Parascandalo

Photography by Anthony Tomaselli