Date of Birth: 31st October 1989

Where do you live? San Gwann

Status: Single

Star Sign: Scorpio

Main occupation: Taxi Driver

Media-related occupation: Deejay


Clayton Cauchi, known in the music world as Claytonic was born in Malta in 1989. From a very young age, he has always had a certain love and passion for music. Clayton’s first foray into the dance music scene came at the age of just sixteen, after being introduced to DJ Ruby and DJ Ryan (Pure Promotions) when he enrolled in their DJ school. This was back in 2006 and since then he has never looked back and he has done his utmost to hone his deejaying skills. His first demo mixes and recordings received encouraging feedback from both friends and also from key players within the local dance music scene. This really spurred Clayton on.

Within a few months, the stage name Claytonic was created and he quickly found himself as a working DJ in the Maltese club scene. He became more popular as time went by and he has already achieved quite a few milestones, such as playing at various established clubs and other popular venues.

Local and international powerhouses engage Claytonic regularly and include him in their line ups, giving him the opportunity to perform alongside renowned international artists.


Besides music, what are some of the other things that you cherish in life?

I definitely appreciate the fact that I’m surrounded by a lovely family and have lots and lots of friends.

What sound do you like most?

Underground dance music. What for the modern generation is considered as sound, for the older generations it might sound like noise!

Is there anything you have on your bucket list, whether personal or in relation to your career, that you have yet to accomplish?

Whether it’s for fun or work-related it definitely has to be travelling. Visiting different countries and exploring new cultures is surely on my bucket list. As a DJ, performing in a foreign country would be a dream come true.

Do you hoard things or regularly throw stuff out?

If in the mood…I throw stuff out.

Given the chance, would you drink wine, beer or vodka? And why?

I’m a vodka person and we’ve been best buddies for too long :)