Is Kissing Still Cheating?

When does someone cheat? Does it happen when he or she kisses another person, sleeps with them, or develops an emotional connection?

Being cheated on is one of my deepest, darkest fears. It’s one thing I would never do to a partner, no matter how much I hated them, and it’s something that would completely and utterly shatter my trust in and respect for the other person.

But, what is cheating? And when does it happen? Is it when they start flirting? When they kiss? When they have sex? Or when they develop feelings for each other?

I think it’s very easy to say that cheating only happens when your partner develops feelings for someone else – but let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be too happy knowing that my partner had had sex with someone else. I’m all for experimentation and trying out new things – I have lost count of all the lovers I had when I was 25, for heaven’s sake! – but relationships are basically a promise of monogamy. If you don’t want to be monogamous, why get into a relationship?

But this has many people divided. Is kissing someone while drunk cheating? If your partner is not having sex with you and you have a one-night stand with someone else, is it cheating? Does cheating mean you don’t love your partner anymore? And how the hell do you know if the answers to any of these questions are true or not when the promise he or she had made to you to stay true has been broken?

In reality, cheating doesn’t have to be physical, but it’s usually the physical side of it we take into consideration. Long chats on Facebook that get intimate, a stealthy, amorous glance from across a dinner table, and a quick shag in a broom cupboard somewhere, can all be considered cheating if the intent was there.

Then again, different people have different ideas about what cheating is. Some people can forgive a drunken make-out session, but not a declaration of love via Facebook. Others can forgive a one-night stand, but not a kiss.

In reality, a kiss is only cheating if you think it’s cheating. No one can change your mind about that.

Do you agree with Evelyn? Is kissing cheating?

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