In this day and age, it is a well known fact that the signs of ageing are one of the leading concerns for women.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ report in 2013, there was an increase of 6% from 2012 to 2013 on face lift surgeries alone, and a 13% increase on Soft Tissue Fillers. Stress, hormones, sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle, yoyo dieting, genetics and age are the major contributors to the signs of ageing. Cellular renewal slows down, the epidermis gets thinner as elastin fibers loosen and our face starts looking tired.

Guinot Skin Care has always been on the forefront of discovering new anti-ageing techniques and its prime target is to give impressive results without being invasive on the skin. Rightly so, after years of research and development, Guinot has launched the new anti-ageing treatment Age Summum, which targets the superficial and epidermal problems of the skin while correcting the signs of ageing, including skin sagging, deep wrinkles and pigmentation.

Age Summum is a 50 minute treatment which includes 4 major steps:

  1. Resurfacing the skin – to deeply cleanse the skin and allow for the absorption of the following ingredients.
  2. Application of a regenerating anti-ageing serum – to boost cellular renewal.
  3. A 10 minute anti-ageing firming facial massage.
  4. Application of an anti-ageing Radiance face mask.

“After 3 treatments, an average of 49.4% have seen a decrease in wrinkle depth. 42.6% have seen an increase in firmness, and 87.7% have seen an increase in elasticity.”

The ingredients in the products used have been carefully designed to suit your anti-ageing skin concerns in order to reach your goals. The AGE Summum Treatment is the treatment which offers radiance, renewal and firmness to the skin.

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