The usual hullabaloo of thrusting and banging is great, but there are other things we women want during sex too!

After five months of celibacy – by choice, of course – I’ve finally lost my virginity … again!

It was fab and I really enjoyed it, and I have to admit that after twenty one weeks (who’s counting?) I had begun to forget what sex felt like. But as the hunk of a man I was with performed his magic, I couldn’t help but think that, for the most part, it was all about how he liked it.

I’ve never been shy to point things out, however. After all, that’s one of the prerogatives of being 40+. But the dumbstruck look he gave me when I mentioned certain, fairly ‘normal’, things really surprised me. So, to make life easier for us, here are five things most women enjoy which men don’t always do.

Take Your Socks Off: There’s really nothing sexy about a naked man with socks on, plus, it’s really weird. I mean, imagine we were having sex and I had gloves on. Wouldn’t you raise an eyebrow? If you’re going to get naked, go all the way.


Don’t Forget Our Nipples: Yes, I like it when you go down on me. Yes, you’re good at it, too. But Mother Nature didn’t just give me tits and nipples to ensure the livelihood of underwear stores! Touch them, play with them and never bypass them when you’re worshipping my body.

Be Reasonable: You can’t expect a woman to swallow or give you head if you won’t go anywhere near her mouth, afterwards. Seriously, guys, if you’re that disgusted by your own penis and semen, then why shouldn’t we be? In lovemaking, you need to let down your walls and kiss the woman who has just ingested your pearly-white swimmers.

Build It Up: The amount of times I’ve been with a man who thought being rough all the time was sexy is uncountable. So are the times when a man thought he had to be so gentle I thought I had turned into a kitten. When it comes to pace, vary it. Be rough at times, go slow at others, take time to look us in the eye, but to also bite our shoulder and thrust, thrust, thrust. One pace just won’t do it.

Breathe and Moan: No, I don’t mean squirm like a sissy, but an occasional ‘gah’ or ‘owh’ or ‘yeah’ or ‘ahh’ can be a real turn-on. It also reassures us that what we’re doing is good and that you’re not made of stone.

Do you agree with Evelyn? Is there anything else you think women want during sex? Let us know in the comments section below!