Interview with Mandy Micallef Grimaud

Date of Birth: 14 March 1972

Where do you live? Hal-Qormi

Status: Married

Star Sign: Pisces

Main occupation: Editor, Camera-person

Media-related occupation: Xarabank



The first time that MANDY MICALLEF GRIMAUD appeared on the television was when she was just nine years old.

“It was for a quiz programme called Teleduk and Charles Xuereb was the presenter. Thanks to my work, I have met lots of incredibly interesting people, seen magnificent countries, met people from various cultures and seen the harsh reality of how some people live,” explained Mandy in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

She is currently acting in the daily local television soap opera ‘Hbieb u Ghedewwa’.

How did you first discover that you had a talent for presenting and acting?

Presenting? To tell you the truth I have a phobia when it comes to public speaking – standing up in front of people and talking has always been a frightening experience for me. I have had panic attacks and spent many sleepless nights, dreading the day, hour, minute, second I had to ‘confront’ people and speak. I was so desperate to do something that I went to Alan Bates and he hypnotised me. I feel a lot better now – much calmer and more focused. It was incredible!

As for acting – I don’t know, it just comes natural. It’s the memorising of scripts that worries me, but if I study lots and prepare myself, I’m ok. This is the first time for me as I have never acted in a soap opera before and I am surprised at how calm I have been – even when it comes to the kissing scenes, I find it very easy to do – just as if I’m acting in any other scene. It makes no difference whatsoever, you just have to put yourself in that frame of mind. I’m feeling much more confident as I get more experience and I have learnt a lot in this past year.

Mandy Grimaud


If any of my readers were interested in trying to break into acting, what would you recommend them to start with?

I think that it is important to accept anything that comes your way, anything can offer its own experience and there’s always something to learn. Never miss the bus. Also, it helps you to get more contacts and enter a new world.

What do you normally like to do in your spare time?

Ohhh there are so many things I like doing! Where do I begin? I love taking photos, just walking around and seeing the world through a lens. I love painting. I paint for myself. I don’t show them to anyone, because then I will keep thinking that they won’t be liked, so I will try to please everyone else but myself. I love dancing…too much…! Reading – I love reading … any book, any magazine, anything whatsoever. I have to read constantly. The thing that I hate most is when I have to wait for something and I don’t have anything to read – what a waste of time!

Love and age gap. Does this bothers you, or is there no age limit when it comes to love?

No it doesn’t bother me and it never has. I feel very lucky to have met such a wonderful, interesting, loving and handsome human being … who cares about age??? These things don’t matter at all!

How would you describe your style? Is fashion an important part of your life?

Style!! I don’t really have a style, but I do believe that clothes make you feel happy and confident, so I try to wear something bright and comfortable most days. I love necklaces and bracelets and earrings; they are very important to me; the bigger and brighter the better. Also, I love perfume…mmm…the way it makes me feel…sexy!!

What is your favourite thing in your whole house?

My favourite things are the things that I have made – my paintings or mosaics etc. etc. Our cappuccino machine also has a very important place in our home. Peppi makes the best coffee in the world – every morning he makes me a cappuccino and bring it to me in bed at 5:00am.