The Boston-born Chris Evans has a hearty laugh and low-set bushy eyebrows which attract attention to long lashes framing baby blue eyes. The blond has a physique to be envied and which lends itself well to the portrayal of superhero Steve Rogers/Captain America in the films by the Marvel franchise, in which he has graced our screens since 2011.

Evans admits to being different in personality to Steve Rogers and compares himself instead to the fun-loving Human Torch Johnny Storm, the character he plays in the Fantastic Four instalments from 2005 and 2007. However, unlike Storm, Chris seems to shy away from the limelight and has openly admitted to suffering from psychic anxiety problems. He is uncomfortable meeting the press and was very worried about his disappearing anonymity when Marvel approached him to take on the Captain’s role in a six-film deal. After turning down the opportunity, he conceded and turned to therapy to prepare his mind for the possible change in lifestyle he would encounter on signing Marvel’s contract.

In the year he introduced us to the Captain, Chris played the late Mike Weiss in legal drama Injustice, originally called Puncture. Based on a true story and dealing with ethics in medicine, it sees Evans playing a brilliant attorney with a drug addiction. Meanwhile, in Whats Your Number?, another 2011 release, he appears as the hot guy in a predictable but amusing romantic comedy that sees him coupled with Anna Faris.


He’s taken part in feature films for fifteen years, and the first main role saw him impersonating a popular jock in parody Not Another Teen Movie (2001). Another teen movie he starred in is The Perfect Score (2004) whilst in 2007 he represented irresistible character Harvard Hottie in The Nanny Diaries. In these last two he starred alongside fellow Avenger Scarlett Johansson.

He hates interviews, stating they are outside of his real passions which are acting and directing. Whenever he reads a new script, he reviews the writing in his mind from a directorial point of view. That coupled with a control freak attitude he admits to, make him want to turn to directing. He made his debut last year, directing the low budget love story originally called 1:30 Train but later released as Before We Go, in which he stars as well.

If I were to point to his best performance ever, I’d go away from the screen and into his personal life. For the tattoo-sporting six-footer has a heart of gold. He visits Boston’s Children’s Hospital whenever he’s in the area, whilst together with fellow actor Chris Pratt, he’s visited both Christopher’s Haven and Seattle Children’s Hospital, this last wearing his Captain America suit, to the delight of the small patients.