Interview with Larissa B

Where do you live? San Gwann

Status: Single

Star Sign: Capricorn

Main occupation: Teacher

Media-related occupation: Singer and Entertainer


Since she was a little girl, LARISSA has always sung her heart out at every occasion she could. When her father took her for a ride in his car he would play Mariah Carey and she would not stop singing.

“Mum would also buy me the latest song cassettes, and my playtime would be spent singing to them, pretending the deodorant bottle was my microphone and a massive crowd was watching me. However, I only started my career six years ago since many circumstances in my life held me back.

It only started when a friend, who was also a singer and owned the bar invited Larissa B to start jamming casually. From the response she received from her audiences, she was encouraged to take things further. Larissa B then met different bands and has sung different genres in bars and clubs. Her studies in musical theatre has also helped to make her an all rounder.

Paradise Bay, a number which Larissa sang in collaboration with Lost Emotions reached the top position on 897 Bay’s Malta Charts. “This led to a nomination for ‘Best New Comer’ at the Bay Music Awards in December 2012,” explained Larissa in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

In time, Larissa has developed a love for Jazz and vintage elegance. Her latest extended playlist, which was produced and recorded at Railway Studios, gives Larissa the chance to bring together jazzy notes to contemporary ones. She performs as a duo, trio, full band and is also accompanied by Burlesque Cabaret Dancers.




While singing, you always present yourself on stage dressed in vintage and with a pin-up look. Why all this interest in such clothing?

As a person, I have always been into fashion and had a love for clothes and style. The look I go for is very me and I feel it fits my personality, perfectly. I like to stand out from the crowd and being an artist encourages me and gives me more of an opportunity to do this. I feel that many can say that they are singers, but only a few are artists and when you present yourself in this way, it adds passion to what you’re doing. I can’t stand it when singers dress up in everyday clothes. It’s a total turn off!

If you could sing alongside anyone, who and where would that be?

I can’t think of anybody I’d want to sing with. However, I always dream of singing cabaret in clubs in America, similar to the one showing in the Burlesque movie, with long tables and a stage.

Do you normally deliver a special message through your singing?

I always sing with passion and I feel that my bubbly personality comes out in this. Transmitting positive energy to the people around you is something I think I can do. People like me have an advantage. We can change people’s moods with our music, which I believe is a very powerful tool.

Aside from music, what are some of the other things that you cherish in life?

I cherish my family and real friendship. Honesty and modesty mean a lot to me. I can’t be around people who are false or others who look down on people because of wealth or fame.

What percentage of life do you spend on shopping?

30% I guess. I’m a naughty girl when it comes to shopping. It’s my get away and I need to force myself to stop myself from doing it. It changes my mood. Internet shopping gives me a kick. The waiting really excites me.