I first visited Malta many years ago with my mother when I was about 15 years old. It was our first ‘girls’ holiday together as mum and daughter. I don’t remember much about the holiday itself since it was so many years ago, but what stuck with me was how comfortable I felt just being there, especially since holidays at that age were usually stressful and seemed like a chore, as I often got homesick very quickly.

Many years passed until one of my best friends decided to visit Malta for her hen weekend. As we arrived, an overwhelming sense of familiarity came over me, and I saw with an adult perspective that this place was very, very special to me. Why? Well, this is a difficult question for me as I basically love everything it holds – the people, their hospitality, the love unquestionably given by the locals to new faces, the history the island is steeped in, the beauty that surrounds you… the list really does go on. So maybe it is in fact a culmination of all of these factors that leads me to think that this country, or ‘the rock’, as it is affectionately called, is a second home. To me, there is no place quite like it.


Above: Valletta, Malta


I’ve ensured that I immerse myself in every possible attraction there is, including the Tarxien Temples, the islands of Gozo and Comino, the Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni and many more. However, this does not stop me from continually coming back for more and trying to find new places and things to see.


Above: Azure Window, Gozo


I was saddened when I thought it likely that my annual visit to Malta may have to be cancelled this year due to work commitments, but was overjoyed when it was possible to book a last-minute long weekend here! Yet again, I will be back on the rock catching up with friends, enjoying the weather, attending the stunning Fashion Week Awards ceremony and generally feeling on holiday but at the same time very much at home. And so, this mystery love affair continues…

See you soon Malta! x


Above: Tarxien Temples, Malta

Images: Flickr