It’s time for another legendary summer. But before we hit the seaside, there are many other activities we can and should try.

Spring is my absolute favourite time of the year. I like it because the days get longer, the flowers start to blossom, and we replace our winter coats with lovely, freeing summer frocks. I also like it because, after the bitter cold of the winter months, spring’s warm caress gives us the chance to spend more time outdoors and stay out for longer.

But what is there to do in Malta, I hear you say? Plenty, actually!


Enjoy the Countryside: There’s nothing more liberating than going for a walk in the countryside – except perhaps, winning the lottery. So grab your friends or family, and head off for a day in one of our picturesque valleys or countryside expanses, taking in the scents, the sights and the clean, crisp air while you’re at it. It will do you a world of good – emotionally and physically!



Go To An Outdoor Concert: I don’t care what people say – I love the new Pjazza Teatru Rjal. I mean, how many capital cities have an open-air theatre that’s so close to the centre, and that feels so intimate? Find out what’s on next and go there. It’ll be a break from watching Chuck Norris on TV and a wonderful experience all-round.



Go For Drinks: One thing I love doing in springtime is having drinks in the early afternoon. There’s really nothing like sipping a delicious Hendrick’s and tonic while soaking up the sun! Most of the time, I enjoy going to Sliema, as I can people-watch at the same time, but you could always go elsewhere. Valletta is most certainly the new Sliema.



Go Camping: It’s not too cold, but it’s not too warm. It’s not humid and it’s not raining. In other words, it’s the perfect weather for camping! So pack your bags, drive to the middle of nowhere, erect your tent and spend a couple of days in the ‘wilderness’.



Be a Tourist for a Day: Not sure what to do this Saturday? Don’t fancy sleeping in this Sunday morning? Be a tourist for a day and roam around the streets of Valletta, Mdina or Birgu. Go to museums, visit an art gallery, or simply bask in the architectural beauty that olden Malta has to offer.


Is there anything else you can think of for people to do in spring? Let us know in the comments section below.