Step-By-Step Tricks For Light Spring Makeup

Before you begin, your skin should be well hydrated with your usual product. This will make foundation application easier and more uniform, leaving the skin glowing and free of flaky skin. Use a concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone to conceal any imperfections that you may have, such as discolouration, break-outs, or dark circles under your eyes. Blend this concealer into your skin using your fingertips or cotton buds.

hydrated skin


Apply a tinted moisturiser or a liquid foundation and blend it well into your skin. Remember to blend this well at your jaw line. Using a large brush, set your foundation with powder to achieve a velvety, matte texture and be sure to brush off any excess powder. We just want to matt it not give it a cakey look.

For blusher, you can use a touch of bronzer. Apply this to the highest points of your face, along with your cheekbones and cheeks.



For your eye-shadow, use a light shadow for your eyes, but definitely avoid a glittery one. Choose a soft, luminous shade to enlarge your eyes, naturally. Apply the shadow over your whole lid. Slightly darken the outer corner of the eye using a brown or taupe eye shadow, avoid dark browns or black. Smoky eyes are more of a winter-look. If you want to use colours, stick to neutral shades that blend harmoniously with nature, such as beige, peach, pink, and brown … but don’t pile it on and avoid sharp contrasts. If you’d like to add a little extra light, line the inner rim of your eye with a vanilla or cream-coloured pencil.

Apply mascara and remove any clumps with a clean lash brush. Remember that you can’t get a natural-looking result if your eyelashes are clumping together.



For a healthy appearance, lips should always be moisturised. A good trick is to mix lipstick with a moisturising lip balm or apply a touch of lip-gloss to play up the fullness of your lips. For spring, lighter colours of peach, coral, pinks and nudes are always top colours.