The image of a crescent-shaped beach and tufts of green seaweed speckling the crystal blue waters whets the appetite of any holiday maker. Our island is jewelled with these treasure troves of nature, and their ethereal beauty is there to be enjoyed all year round. Of course, they are at their most desirable during the hot summer months, where you are cooled down by the Mediterranean waters and simultaneously enveloped by the warmth of the crimson sand.

Part of the allure of these bays stems from their seclusion from our urban landscape. Bays such as Għajn Tuffieħa and Ġnejna have managed to have their majesty preserved thanks to the surrounding acres of countryside. The short drive through the meandering roads to these bays makes your visit all the more magical.

One may even view the bays as a blank canvas, waiting for you to colour them with so many activities and special moments. Whether it’s a picnic with friends on the sand, or sharing a Gozitan ftira on the rocks, or just sitting by the edge of the water for a few hours of solitary contemplation, Maltese bays are a sanctuary for those in need of some serenity.

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few Maltese bays, let us know which was the most beautiful.