May Horoscopes

Hi Eve readers! I hope this month finds you well and putting away your winter clothes! How glorious are our sunny days?

The planets are all busy this month going this way and that; Venus crosses over into Cancer, the more nurturing sign, Mars goes into the more communicative sign of Gemini whilst Mercury itself begins its backwards walk from the 20th, signifying a time when communications could go awry, or introspective. How will all this affect you? Read on and find out!



Aries’ will quickly notice that their thinking patterns shift as Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini. Suddenly agility of their mental processes becomes obvious, after a month of slow steady, feet-on-the-ground thinking. Finally Aries will feel that they can think as fast as they can act, being that is their nature. More



Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus, is very active this month as it moves out of its sign. Over the past month, Venus has been in your sign, letting loose your softer, receptive side. Others found you charming and irresistible. As the energy of the Full Moon highlights issues to do with relationships this month, Venus moves into the area of the chart to do with resources. More



Geminis come into their own this month as their ruling planet Mercury comes back home into its own sign. After a few weeks of deep intense reflection, you should now feel more inclined to speak up and let people know what you think about some issues which are close at heart. The Full Moon on the 4th highlights issues to do with routines, and perhaps you might feel the need to change them. More



Cancerians will find themselves becoming introspective at the beginning of the month. This does not mean to say that you will sit at home and feel miserable – on the contrary – this is a highly productive time when you literally sit back and rethink your position. It so happens that Venus dons you all her charm and grace this month, so you will likely find yourself being the centre of attention; in short – irresistible. More



Leos find themselves busy with their social lives this month.  You have inspired to share ideas with your group of friends, and people enjoy listening and interacting with you. It is your home environment that calls to you now, as the Full Moon on the 4thhighlights issues to do with your domestic scene. You’ve focused a lot of energy to your professional life, and now is the time to balance it with those in your home and hearth.




The new month starts out with your ruling planet, Mercury, entering the part of the chart to do with profession. Your mental faculties should be quite acute for the first two weeks of the month, and focused on communicating with those around you in your professional milieu.  This is timely, as you have been going through changes and now need to focus on the nitty-gritty details in order to get your life back on track, taking care of the finer print as you go. More



After much deliberating about what to do in relationship issues, and the drama that ensued, Librans should feel the pressure easing off. The focus is now on issues which are far reaching: that which inspires them, or is other worldly. So issues have been dealt with, and now dramas faced; what can Libra look forward to? To begin with, mental faculties should be buzzing with the ability to think of big ideas. In fact, you are so geared up to think big that you could be missing the finer details. More



If the last month was about learning how relationships work, this month it is about coming face to face with reality and making changes. In fact, the Full Moon on the 4th highlights issues to do with how you see yourself, so you could feel a little off balance as you have spent a lot of energy on the ‘other’, and now need some ‘me’ time. It is important to assert yourself without stepping on the toes of others. More



Sagittarians start out the month with them taking care of the little details in their daily schedules as Mercury goes into its own sign, Gemini. This is so totally unlike Sag, who likes to focus on the bigger picture – but such is life guided by the planets. By the time the energy of the Full Moon highlights issues to do with dealing with what’s beneath the surface, Mercury moves into your house of relationships and you find yourself being very communicative with that very significant other. Is this a good thing? Most definitely. More



Capricorns are bound to enjoy this month. Venus, the planet of love and all that it brings with it, transits their relationship area, making for a splendid time with a special person. If you are single, then this could be the month this changes for you. All this is on account of the Full Moon on the 4th, which highlights issues to do with how you socialise; it could be time to widen your social circle. You could be also called upon to help out a friend or two, or become the chairperson of the local gathering in your neck of the woods.



The month for Aquarians starts out with Mercury, the planet of communication, going into its own sign, Gemini. This augurs well for communication, especially as for our Water Bearers this impinges on their creative faculties. This is a good month to have some fun, Aqua! The Full Moon on the 4thhighlights issues to do with your professional milieu, indicating that you are now in the limelight, and everyone notices you now. You have been hidden away, focused on the home front, and now is the time to put your best foot forward and shine. More



The fish of the zodiac make for very imaginative and creative people. We all know, however, that we need to have our  fishy feet on the ground, and this month has Pisces focusing on the home front, but also having a little bit of fun in their playground. More