The amalgamation of colours, fabrics and tailoring can lead to great works of art, if undertaken by a visionary and talented individual. Such is the case with model/designer Katarína Miklós Homoly, who will be participating in this year’s Malta Fashion Week as a New Designer. Her brand, Beyond Couture, exhibits striking yet dreamy silk pieces and we’ve had the opportunity to ask her more about her innovative creations.

The works showcase a distinct print along the hem and a beautiful dip-dye effect throughout the torso area. What inspires your choice of colour and pattern, and how is this manufactured?

In general, I love nature and the incredible metamorphosis it is capable of, including the physical terms, such as colours, textures, patterns, organic forms and volumes. I also love the spiritual feel it brings along that we, human beings, experience with our five senses and instincts. These factors are a bottomless well for my inspiration. That’s why I aim to translate it into my designs; the smooth transformation of one colour to the other with a twist in the pattern, in order to form a whole. These pieces were inspired by the animal world: a leopard, a zebra and a peacock. Other than that, I am the kind of person who prefers brighter and richer colours to the earthy or pastel ones – this explains the boldness in the range of hue and saturation.


Above, leopard inspired dress.


Above, peacock inspired dress.


Above, zebra inspired dress.


A unique feature of the collection is that they are not so much dresses, but two-piece garments. Would you say this is a trademark technique of yours?

No, I wouldn’t say so. I would rather say that these three pieces complement each other – as a ‘triptych’ collection. However, ever since we created the concept of Beyond is evening wear, I like to design long dresses because they create a mystical illusion. For example, if you wear a long skirt, you can wear anything as a top and show some skin, but it still denies the obvious. In the case of my collection(s), the definition of the waist emphasises the woman’s femininity and visually constructs the balance on the physique. Also, the optical separation between the top part and the bottom part is specifically designed to enhance the proportions of the body.

What message do you work towards sending through your works?

I believe that it is not about my message; it is about the message sent by the woman wearing my dress. She would wear it because her womanly qualities are embodied within. 

The ideal cut of a dress can transform a woman’s aura and confidence. What form of energy does your work gear towards?

The energy I am after is the woman’s own. I believe that what we wear is an expression of who we are, especially when we talk about couture. So, my aim is to bring out the personality, the intellect, the essence of the person who is wearing the garment to the surface in a very delightful and sophisticated way. That is what shines in people – their own inner energy- and my dresses are designed to accentuate this. There is no need to try hard if a woman knows who she is, because it is not about impressing the world around, but expressing her own self.

Your work exhibits decadent fabrics which look and feel sensational. Which particular materials do you enjoy working with?

I love high quality silk. It is like water – its fluidity and natural glow, lightness, versatility and its feel are just sublime. It materialises the concept I envision.

Renowned fashion photographer, Steve Muliett, has captured mesmerising images which highlight the delicate nuances of your work. How has your collaboration helped the production of your collection?

Yes, the greatness of the photos lies in the production which is Steve’s line of expertise. For a fact, some call him demanding, but I call it relentlessness, and that is why he reaches, sometimes, the impossible. We have been working together for a while and now we understand each other’s creative thinking. We build on each other’s ideas, plus, we always give our 100% for the best possible result. I get a lot of support from his end and I am very thankful for it.


Photography by Steve Muliett