Rhiannon Micallef

Date of Birth: 11th July, 1994

Where do you live? Zebbug (Malta)

Status: Single

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Student

Media-related occupation: Singer/song-writer


Twenty year old, RHIANNON is currently studying European Studies at the University of Malta and at the same time is also involved in music and singing. “I have a passion for music and singing and it intrigues me so much. I have participated in many local and international festivals and have tried to gain as much experience as possible in the music industry. My main achievements so far are Third Edition ID Winner, I’ve written various songs and released various tracks, gigging and there’s much more to come.”

“With regard to other passions besides music there’s travelling – I have way too much of a wanderlust, writing (mostly personal thoughts which I have never published and some which I’ve converted into song lyrics), reading (I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Khaled Hosseini novels and Maltese historical fiction), art and world-wide politics,” explained RHIANNON.

Tell us about your journey to become a singer.

I started singing at the very young age of three. My mother and especially my grandmother always say that once I had learnt to talk, I used to grab brushes and microphone toys and pretend that I’m giving concerts to fake audiences! At three, I was introduced to singing and I have never stopped since.

Singing is not as plain sailing as it sounds – getting to where I am now has taken me through several experiences, techniques and talent exploration. Furthermore, no one in my family and very few friends except those I have got to know recently have any experience of the music industry, so I had to find out everything for myself with the little resources I had.

I was never very good with words and I tend to be a little reserved, especially when it comes to conveying feelings. My music somehow became my communication, my discourse, my expression and, the stage my safe-haven. I was bullied when I was young and the outcome of this is that I became uncomfortable with myself and felt insecure. But, on stage I was never ill at ease. It was the only place I could stand out and the only place where I felt comfortable to show my emotions to the audience. In other words, my passion has turned into my own escape.

Children’s singing choirs, school talent shows and theatrical plays, local and international festival participations developed into classical singing but after a few years, I realised that it wasn’t my line.

For the past six years, I have intensively adopted an SLS (Speech-Level-Singing) approach thanks to my great friend and tutor, Joshua Alamu at Mad About The Voice who is currently leading a campaign against the use of vocal steroids #saynotovocalsteroids.

I have recently started focusing on piano playing which I combine with my singing and writing of songs. I have performed in gigs and released my first single, Take a Look (watch the lyric video here)

I am hoping to release the second one over the next few months.

My journey to become a singer has taught me so much, but most important of all I have enjoyed it so much because it is beautiful. It is great to be appreciated by my audiences. I may have won trophies and awards, but the greatest achievement of all is knowing that with your own music you are touching those who have listened to you.

What’s the most money you have spent at one go?

I always spend my money at one go!! I don’t recall any specific numbers, but I remember I bought this very expensive real leather jacket which I have never even worn, not even once. I ridiculously like to believe that spending money is helping the economy – at least I’m doing something for the greater good. So, I spend my money on things I like. Look at it this way: it is a kind of investment in myself. Like this, I never feel guilty about all the money I spend!

What is your favourite thing in your bedroom, and why?

I would have to say my bed! Not because I don’t enjoy my sleep (because believe me, I do), but it has sentimental value. My bed belonged to my late grandfather, the one he used to sleep in when he was a little boy, which I believe makes it around 70 years old! They were clearing out the farmhouse in which he used to live as a child and I saw this rusted metal bed which was in a very bad state. I then bought varnish and restored it into a black antique rustic bed. I love it.


What would you never, ever buy, and why not?

Pets! I am a current owner of my very spoilt fox terrier which we found as a stray four years ago. It got me to realise that many animals are left stranded, often in a very bad state on the streets – it’s heart-breaking. I would never, ever pay money to buy a pet when I can rescue and adopt one from the hundreds in a sanctuary and actually make a difference. As much as you cannot buy love, don’t buy a pet – save one!!

What makes you really angry?

I’m not the type to get mad or stay angry at something or someone. If I get angry, I’ll prove my point, but then it is over although I am not likely to forget. I think life is too short to stay angry. However, social injustice, the poor wealth distribution across the world and bullies are three things which I don’t tolerate.

What do you normally like to surf on the internet, and why?

I am not much of a technophobe and I use internet as little as possible. I do however use it to read online articles, magazines, gossip, news – especially scientific and medical discoveries and social media. And more specifically, I surf the net to find out about the next GOT (Game of Thrones) book and to look for any updates of an up-coming season or movie of Friends (which I somehow think will never happen). Yes, I am a geek at heart ha-ha!