Colourful bikinis are the most fashionable this year. You can choose any style you like just keep it bright. Wear blue, yellow, orange, green and if you would like to look a bit more chic and add some necklaces or gold accessories. They are beautiful on tanned skin.


Dark one-pieces are great if you’re not really confident with your body. Dark colours will hide your curves and give you a slimmer look. A one-piece will make you look a bit taller and will help hide your belly. It’s also great if you have scars from a pregnancy or stretch marks for example. If you still would still like to cover up your body a little bit more, you can always wear a sarong on your hips.


Strapless bikinis are really beautiful but they are not for everybody! You can wear this if you have small breasts. Otherwise you won’t be comfortable moving around or swimming. If you wear this type of swimwear, choose a colour that matches your eyes, or your skin tone to look more glamorous. A little tip if you have larger hips, choose pants which are slightly larger in shape or have a little skirt. Necklaces are even more beautiful with this kind of swimwear.

So this year the current trend is to have a matching bikini top and pants and be more original in the shape than with the colour or in the pattern.


Here is a short guide to help you look your best on the beach:

Identify which of the body shapes shown above best fits yours.

Slender/Athletic: You can basically choose every kind of bikini but if you want to enhance/increase the illusion of curves, choose the strapless bra with a high-cut bottom to give the illusion of longer legs.

Hourglass: You can also choose to wear what you like but we recommend wearing a one-piece which will emphasize your curses, for example with a graphic pattern.

Pear: If you feel you would be more comfortable hiding your curves a little, wear a one-piece which ties at the neck and wear more dark colours. If you would like to show off all your assets, then choose a bikini with bright colours and details on the bra to balance your shape.

Apple: All you want is support. If you choose the bikini, go for something like a bar-top swimsuit, with flashy colours. Choose pants with as little detail as possible to avoid attracting attention to that part of your body.