Healthy Eating With Francesca Fenech Conti

Not trying to fall into unhealthy eating habits when you’re on the go is one of the biggest challenges in today’s fast-paced way of life. 

Luckily, we’ve got heroes such as Francesca Fenech Conti and Jean Camilleri who can provide us with the most succulent and wholesome meals, right on our doorstep.

We had the chance to speak to Mrs Fenech Conti about the amazing Plan H, which has helped so many individuals have the best of both worlds – a well-planned diet amidst a hectic lifestyle.


Above: Founders of Plan H: Jean Camilleri (Left) and Francesca Fenech Conti (Right)

What inspired you to start Plan H?

The start of Plan H was purely by chance. Jean Camilleri and I had a meeting about something totally different. During the course of our conversation, she mentioned the idea of setting up a business, whose structure would cook and prepare the right food for people who do not have time to shop or cook, but who would still like to follow a particular healthy diet. They would get a healthy-eating plan which, if followed correctly, would also result in weight loss. I jumped at the idea and told her that we should definitely look into it. A few weeks later, Plan H was up and running. We had an amazing response and we have helped many people achieve their weight loss goals, with some losing up to five kilos in the first week.

The menu offered by Plan H is both nutritious and mouth-watering. Would clients who are gluten-free/lactose-intolerant/vegetarian be able to customise their delivered meals through your service?

Whilst we do cater for customers with certain intolerances, we make it very clear to our clients that we cannot cater for anyone with severe food allergies. Although we have many vegetarian dishes, our food is balanced and varied, but we do not offer exclusively vegetarian menus. We believe in following a calorie-controlled diet of around 1,200 calories per day for women and around 1,800 calories for men. Our freshly prepared meals always include a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Our typical goody bag delivered daily to your door will always include fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins, whole grains and pulses.

What is your go-to healthy snack and what do you consider to be a super food?

At Plan H, we believe that snacks are an important part of one’s daily intake. Our healthy low-calorie snacks include hummus, artichoke and red pepper dips, homemade energy balls made with a mixture of nuts and seeds, fresh fruit salads and homemade flap jacks and cereal bars. My personal go-to super food is almonds. I always keep a small bag of unsalted roasted almonds at 80 calories per 10. They give you a great boost of energy and help curb hunger pangs, and they also stop sweet cravings.

What choices from the menu would you recommend to career women on the go?

Our clients range from busy businessmen and women to mothers who have just had a baby and want to lose those extra kilos. We also provide daily goody bags to our elderly clients who find that it is too much of a bother to shop and cook for themselves. Others just know that if they find their food ready, they won’t dig into the wrong stuff and are guaranteed a healthy meal which will help them meet their weight loss goals, or to not gain any extra weight.

Other than a healthy balanced diet, what are you hoping Plan H will offer to its clients?

Plan H offers a change of lifestyle – it makes one realise what your portions should be like. Many of us have no idea how much food should actually be on their plate. We offer our clients all the recipes of their favourite meals, and we encourage them to continue with their newly acquired healthy eating habits whilst on Plan H. Our system puts you on track of your new lifestyle and teaches you to eat the right stuff in the right amounts. So far, all our members have lost weight and have been really happy with the results.

saladsplanh image

Image above: Salads by PlanH


Image above: Spinach and Ricotta Muffins