Interview with Matthew Attard

Perspective is diverse, multiple and key to one’s own understanding of the world.  This is what a spectator of Matthew Attard‘s installation exhibitions would interpret.  The 28 year old, who hails from Rabat and holds a degree in History of Art from the University of Malta, has had his work exhibited in Italy and the USA in various spaces.  He was very kind enough to share his creative musings with


Tell us what led you to become an artist?

I guess it was a series of fortunate and/or unfortunate events!


Images above from “You are a Poser!”, Canal|05, Brussels

What inspires you to be creative?

I don’t think creativity is simply a matter of inspiration.  Plus, I’m not really keen on the word “inspire” in this case.  In my mind it alludes to some sort of supernatural power.  Personally, I find creativity to be based on constant questioning of what one sees, lives, does, etc…

What materials do you like working with and what sort of materials are you keen on trying out next?

Anything which has to do with drawing or the act of it is always something which intrigues me.


Images above from exhibition “In Between”, Venice

When exhibiting your work, what do you look for in a space?

I guess one automatically thinks about how the exhibited work would change or interfere with that space, and vice versa.


Images above from “Line Drawings”, Environment, Los Angeles

You’ve had the privilege of exhibiting your work on a global scale; from the Galleria Michela Rizzo in Venice to 8126 Beverley Boulevard, Los Angeles. Where has your favourite destination been so far and what environment/country/setting inspires you most? 

Yes, it’s true, but I personally find it very difficult to choose a favourite destination. Every destination offers its special feelings, excitements, lifestyles and moods, which also vary upon revisiting.  Also, I’d love to see more of the world!



Images above from exhibition “In Between”, Venice

Your work with Rashad Alakbarov has a strong element of perspective. When constructing a sculpture or installation, would you have in mind a number of specific points of view for the spectator, or do you allow these perspectives to come naturally once you have completed your work?

Technically it kind of works both ways.  I automatically have to establish specific points of view while working, which however, also come naturally at times.  It really depends on the piece I am working on and what interests or challenges me in that particular piece.  What interests me in the work you mention is that the viewer was personally engaged in looking for the image in the exhibited pieces, and therefore all points of view varied as what made sense to an individual did not necessarily make visual sense to another.


Image above from “We are all Posers”, Residenza Casarotto, Bergamo

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

That is too far ahead at the moment! I would love to have an answer but at the moment, I’m trying to figure out how to see myself in a month’s time!




Images above from “We are all Posers”, Residenza Casarotto, Bergamo


Image above artist Matthew Attard

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