Simple Makeup and Hair For Your Wedding


We all know that organising the wedding of your dreams can be really expensive. You would like everything to be just perfect and you would not like to have to make too many compromises to your plans.

We totally understand! There are some areas where you are able to save some money. How about looking after your hair yourself and what about your makeup? Can you do this by yourself?

And if you’re not a pro, don’t worry, we have found some super easy tutorials online and we’ll share them with you. With just a little practice, you’ll look so beautiful on your big day. We promise!

The bride’s makeup can be kept very simple, but do keep in mind that a certain amount of makeup is important for you to look excellent in the photographs. We would suggest that you experiment a bit and find out which style of makeup is most flattering for you. Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to your make-up – it is an important day and you really want to look your best. Well applied, subtle makeup really adds a finished touch to your overall look on the day.

The technique shown in this tutorial is suitable for all skin tones and for every eye shape. Choose an eye shadow that best suits your colouring.

Here are the steps which you will need to follow to achieve this gorgeous look.

First of all, apply an eye shadow base to make sure that your makeup will last all day and that the colours will stand out. Then draw the finest line you can, using a black pencil starting from the middle of your eye. This will make your eyes look larger than they actually are and add definition to your look.

Blend this line with a shadow brush and use a medium brown eye shadow from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. Then blend a lighter brown into the eye crease – this works best with red/orange undertones.

Apply the same colour you used on your lid to slightly line your lower lash line and keep on blending. Return to your eyelid and apply a gold eye shadow with a bit of a sparkle and add a tiny bit on your lower lash line as well. Put on two generous layers of black mascara and/or false eyelashes.

The secret here is to blend the colours in as much you can. You can also line your waterline with a brown pencil if you have big eyes. If you have small eyes, apply a tiny bit of mascara to your lower lashes. You can, with a beige eye shadow, highlight your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye, if you wish.


Braided hair has been so incredibly fashionable during the past years and I find it absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for a wedding! The French braid is the more appropriate for such an occasion and thanks to this video tutorial; you can create a wonderful up-style yourself without too much difficulty.

If you have short hair, for example a bob, you will not be able to achieve such a look, but you can still manage your hair yourself. Here are some up-styles we recommend for such an important day and they are super easy to achieve.

For the first one, begin by curling all your hair. Then braid two sections of hair and pin them back with hairpins. It is so easy to do.

For the second one, it’s basically the same but instead of braiding the hair sections, you just have to twist two sections and pin them back. It can be a great option if you can’t braid your hair and it will still look amazing.